Any chance of finding a black metallic reissue in the fall?....

  1. Hi ladies i was wondering if any of you knew if it would still be possible for me to find a black metallic reissue in october? Im going to New york then and i would love to get one. I was supposed to be buying the black patent reissue but at the last minute my dad decided i wasnt allowed :cursing:
    However after a good year for exam results hes promised to treat me and i love this bag! Im definitely allowed it if i can just find one!
    Thanks in advance! :tup:
  2. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. its hard to get. i am not sure if still available during october. you can call chanel boutiques. I think NM only ordered size 227. and Saks never ordered black metallic ( someone correct me if i am wrong) . so probably your chance to get one during that time pretty slim. i suggest if you want it, go look for one asap. good luck...
  4. Those bags are in the boutiques now. When they are gone they are gone. I agree with minnie. If you want it you best bet is to get one now while they are still available.
  5. Jeffrey New York got one each of the black metallic in the 225, 226, & 227. I just bought the 225, and I think chances are slim that they'll have the other two still available in October. You can always call them around then to check.

    I also saw the black metallic 225 at Bergdorf Goodman yesterday. I think someone was about to buy it. I didn't see another one so either that was the last one, or they're not out on the sales floor.
  6. call chanel short hills malll they have a 227 and a 226. have them ship to hotel.
  7. The Wynn has Black Reissues available!!!
  8. I bought my 227 in early August from Chanel at Spring street, Soho in NYC, I know they had 226 and 227, not sure about now, you can call and check stock before you go, look for Shion.

    You might also want to check how you could avoid paying the tax, if you come from a tax-free state, you might want to have the bag shipped to you.
  9. i got mine from BG, got it shipped to a friend in CT. paid $25 delivery but no tax! :p

    i agree with the ladies, is there any way your dad will let you have it earlier? i don't think it's going to be available in October at the rate they are going now...