any chance of ever finding a BN apple green city!?

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  1. ahhhh! it's killing me! i want it so bad i can taste
    it! i just found this forum and can already tell it's going
    to be my biggest problem:nogood: (in a good way)
    anywho if anyone out there has any suggestions for me
    let me know. there is one on eBay and i don't know what
    to do because i would like to believe i can find a
    brand new one...but i don't want to miss my chance
    ya know? apple green 2005 city are you out there?!
  2. I would say it's impossible to find one from a retailer. Your best chance for a Apple City would be eBay, however a brand new, never used, Apple City is gonna require some patience.

    Good luck
  3. I agree, some patience. They do pop up on eBay and surprisingly, the ones that do usually are in good cond.
  4. Just patience!!! There is someone out there who threw it in their closet and forgot about it!!! And will eventually list it on e**y
  5. I think everything comes up on e*** eventually but you have to be patient.
  6. xxx
  7. Good luck :tup:
  8. Hi Lindsey,

    Good luck on your search, AG is gorgey!

    Quick reminder of the rules (posted at the top of the Bal forum front page):

    no ebay links
    no buying/selling/trading on tPF

    Thanks :flowers:
  9. :sad: sorry I didn't realise. xxx
  10. well this will be the last time i ask someone where to find the bag that i really
    want, because there are some sneaky people on here who see the forums
    and then go and take the bag from right under your feet. i had bid on the bag
    on ebay and the person bid on it on the very last minute when i thought for sure
    it was mine. i am so bummed. noone is nice enough to care that someone just might
    have been looking for that bag FOREVER!!!!:cursing:
  11. Uh, that hurts:sad:. Hopefully it wasn't someone from TPF that saw your post. Unless you know for a fact that it was. So maybe it was just some random person. I saw that bag too and knew from your post that you must be the main one that placed a bid a few days ago. So for that, I wouldn't touch the auction. Then I noticed that the original bidder did not win and I had a strong feeling that someone would be upset. Well, just for that, I will defintely be on the look out for one for you knowing how much you want one:girlsigh:.
  12. Last edited by hmwe46 : Yesterday at 09:49 PM. Reason: please, read the reminder and the rules, thank you

    What the hell hmwe46?!? I didn't even mention anything about specific auctions or break any rules so why edit another post?

    To Lindseylee7, that is horrible, so many people snipe auctions I've been bidding on for days, right in the last 10 or so seconds, it's annoying and really upsetting. I'll keep an eye out for another AG city for you :smile:
  13. there is to be no discussion about specific eBay auctions.

    I have begged you on this thread not to discuss eBay, even in code.

    I am closing this now.
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