Any chance of an Azur Musette?

  1. If anyone has heard rumours, please let me know! I think it would look soooo great. If not, I wonder if they might do one in special order for me:graucho:...
  2. Give it a try in SO. It's been over 10 mos. since Azur has launch.:shrugs:
  3. indeed it would look so cute .. give it a try
  4. Lines have to be out for at least 2 years before SO's are allowed. Also though, they probably will make a Musette eventually.
  5. 1 year:yes:....maybe it's different here in Canada...? I know for sure they will take an SO one year after the line launches here. At least it forces me to think harder about it until November!
  6. It's 2 years here, so it's probably different depending on the country. I know the BH hasn't been out for 2 years which is why people still can't SO it in Damier.
  7. I was told 18 months in UK why can't everything be the same everywhere it's crazy
  8. ^^^ Seriously!
  9. oooooooohh, that would be soooooo pretty !
  10. I didn't realize it was so new! Did the BV come out at the same time?
  11. Oooh... an Azur Musette would look amazing!!! :biggrin:
  12. One can only hope!
  13. Yup all the Batignolles came out at the same time. It'll be 2 years at the end of the year, I just remember because I got my BH for Christmas of 05. So about September or October will mark the 2nd year. :yes:
  14. My SA said that he heard that the damier line will eventually comes out with azur in every design !! You just have to wait I guess!!