Any chance in the world for Seafoam?

  1. I have been wanting this color in the first or city size forever, since they first came out :sad2: I can't believe I didn't buy one and could kick myself now! It was the first Balenciaga I ever really wanted when I saw MK Olsen carrying it and I fell in love.

    If anyone sees one for sale or wants to sell theirs, please PM me? I'd be forever grateful.

    Thanks :love:
  2. Have you emailed the bag-hunter?

    her username is mlertpac, she is a member here and on tFS; I believe she will hunt down bags for you if you tell her how much you are willing to pay.

    I am sure she does not mind me adding her link:
  3. Oooh....loving the cornflower blue on her site! Thank you for the link!
  4. She (thebaghunter) seems real nice. She is looking for a white City for me to swap my lilac b-bag with. Hope you find your seafoam. I'll keep a look out for ya!
  5. Just wanted to let you know there are 2 seafoam b-bags on e-bay. One City and one First. I have no idea about the authenticity though. But I just thought you would like to know incase they turn out to be authentic.
  6. Wow, that's pretty cool that someone out there is doing that !

    And I've been kicking myself forever over my never buying a b-bag in seafoam either.. ugh, stupid me !
  7. I didn't either ...

    Does she deal with folks wanting to sell their items ... for instance, my White Voyage and Teal/Petrol Fendi Spy?

    I'm sure she takes a "cut", but it's probably a lot more hassle free than eBay!
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