Any chance for me?


How long will it last?

  1. somebody will snatch it up tonight, its so coveted

  2. maybe it will last until may or june...

  3. its not going anywhere until you buy it!

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  1. Do you think the vernis fleurs pochette on let-trade will still be there as late as november?
    i need that bag, but i dont know when ill be able to get it!
    i need to get my big bag first....but i REALLY love this bag!
    im DEFINITELY not substituting it for a more useful bag...
    its such a good price compared to the tacky (no offence to any people that like it) orange one on eBay.
  2. Sorry girlie, I doubt it will be there for that long.
  3. I doubt it will be there for so long either..:sad: but maybe you can ask your parents to get it for you as an early christmas/birthday gift? or tell them you'll work really hard around the house or something?
  4. I don't think it'll last that long. :sad:
  5. sorry, I dont think it will be their for that long either :sad:
  6. I doubt this, too :sad:
  7. lol. you are going to think im SUPER spoiled when i say this, but i got so many things for my b day already. 4000 dollars worth of modern furniture..
    and no party. because 4000 is a lot. i have to eat beans for a year. lol. do you think it may last long enough for my parents to start thinking about christmas (aka, august...) ?
    IMG_1399.jpg images.jpg images-1.jpg images-2.jpg
  8. Nice furnitures.. But wow, if they've already bought you that much, it might be difficult to convince them that you *have* to have it NOW. of course, it *is* a discontinued bag that will be hard to get otherwise (that's what I did with my Conte de fees musette) and if you don't get it now, it might not ever be a chance again. Not that nagging parents is nice, but just mentioning it would be ok.
    But could you sell off some stuff you don't need, eg old toys etc to earn the money for it?
  9. thats a good idea.but im really centimental about stuff. it was SO hard getting rid of some of my barbies for a laptop. i kinda want to give stuff to my kids when i grow up....because when i waslittle i would remember my mom telling me about all of her toys, and i always wish she had kept them for me!
    maybe ill keep a select few...i really like this bag.
  10. so am I, and thankfully I can work (my job is horrible though) so that I don't have to sell anything (not that anyone would buy my beat up old dolls anyways, lol), but sacrifices sucks :sad:
  11. i know. its sacrifice the bag. or my stuff.. its so hard. but at least if i get the bag i can clear some stuff out of my room to achieve a minimalist look.
  12. Ok guys, :back2topic:

    I doubt it will still be available. :sad:
  13. Sorry, I don't think it will be around for that long. Good luck with convincing mom and dad, though!
  14. OT, nice funature!!
  15. I doubt it will still be there either ... but they pop up on eBay quite a bit and you could email let-trade when you have the money! He (she?) can usually find what you're looking for if it's not still available.