Any Chan Luu Fans?

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  1. I just ordered the Chan Luu Matte Onyx Stone Mix Wrap Leather Bracelet on Natural Black Leather and I can't wait to recieve it. I have been wanting to try a Chan Luu leather wrap bracelet for a while now and am so glad I finally took the plunge.

    Does anyone have any Chan Luu bracelets? I would love to hear more about them.

    Please post pictures and/or wrist modeling pictures if you have one!
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    A couple of years ago, I saw someone wearing a Chan Luu wrap bracelet and decided I had to have one! It took me awhile to decide on the color (I ended up choosing a silver/gray colored leather with silver) but I have never regretted my choice! I'll admit I don't wear it as often anymore but it's still something I plan to hold onto as part of my jewelry collection!

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  3. I have some Chan Luu pieces that I've really enjoyed. I have a traditional wrap that's brown leather with silver beads...I think it was a Mother's Day gift about 5 years ago...I don't wear it much anymore, but that is mainly because I don't remove my Love. I also have this wider bead band from a few years back that I really think is fun. Here's a pic where I have it on with my jade bangle - while hiking /posing at Joshua Tree.

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  4. I just received a Chan Luu bead necklace from NAP and I love it, so pretty and delicate.
  5. That's pretty!
    I've actually seen people wear their long wrap bracelets as long necklaces too.
  6. Thank you sweetie, I'm wearing it today. It has a really nice weight to it and it shimmers beautifully.
  7. How sturdy are Chan Luu leather wrap bracelets?

    Can these get wet, i.e., beach or pool (in the water)?
  8. I think they are sturdy, but they're leather. I might wear them to the beach, but not in the water. Much like leather sandals.
  9. I love Chan Luu but have only a small collection. Here's a pic of my bracelets and a necklace. Love everyone's pieces!

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  10. I love Chan Luu.
  11. I love chan luu! I have 7 of her bracelets. They def have gotten cheaper over the years and often are often on sale. I am also obsessed with her cashmere scarves. I have 15 of them and they are very difficult to get on sale
  12. I love the scarves too! Always use them sor travel - extra cozy on long flights!
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    OK, thanks! I placed an order this week for a grey leather wrap and can't wait... I have never seen one in person but have heard plenty about these bracelets. I saw Chan Luu on one of the jewelry channels but I can't remember which one. I believe she was promoting her lower priced line.

    Very pretty! Do you wear them all together?
  14. Let us know how you like your grey one. It may be the first of many more chan luus. :graucho:

    I don't wear mine together...I'm quite bad at the art of stacking bracelets but should probably experiment with what I have!