Any champagne left for me????

  1. I'm so excited-and a little stunned! I have my 32 cm black/palladium togo kelly home now! My first hermes purchase!! I posted a week or so ago about the awesome SA at NM who was holding a black kelly for me until thurs so that I could get double points on my NM card. Well- I just drove 50 miles in the pouring down rain to pick her up! I posted pics:biggrin: Hope I'm still smiling when my NM charge card comes in!!!:lol: oops-for some reason I can only post 2 pics-i'll post the final one next!
    Picture 240.jpg Picture 241.jpg
  2. Here's the final pic!!!! Drum roll...........
    Picture 250.jpg
  3. Congrats, PGN! What a gorgeous, classy bag. I love the Kelly :love: So timeless and sophisticated, especially in black :amuse:

    I don't have champagne, but I can toast with some pinot grigio I have in the fridge. So when I pour myself a glass tonight with dinner, I'll think of you :P

    Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  4. Cheers to you!!! That is a beautiful bag.
  5. PGN, CONGRATULATIONS on your very first Hermes!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: What a classic & timeless Kelly! :love: Enjoy & wear it well!

    Gigi opening a brand new bottle of champagne...pouring into glasses...for you, me & everyone else popping in!!! Cheers!!! *clink*

    Oh, not forgetting chocolate covered strawberries to go with the champagne! :smile:
  6. Clink, Clink!! It's to DIE for! Just beautiful. This is something you'll treasure always and it can become an heirloom. I'm with Cristina, we all rave about the Birkin but the Kelly is a true Hermes classic.:love: :love: :love:
  7. Woohoo!!!!! Clinck! Clinck! Toasting the champagne that Gigi opened!

    Congrats PGN ... that was really so sweet of your SA to hold the bag for you so can get double points!

    There's nothing that beats the experience of the first Hermes bag purchase!
  8. Wow congrats, the SA is totally awesome ! Your new Kelly is gorgeous, and I'm sure your love for her will definitely beat out the horror of the next cc bill ! :biggrin:
  9. Cheers! Oh that is a beautiful bag!!!! Congrats! :love:
  10. Beautiful Kelly bag and certainly worth the wait and the drive! Enjoy it and thanks for posting pictures!
  11. Thanks everyone!:biggrin: I just hope this stops my obsession for a while!! No more bags for me for a long time!! Hopefully I can stick to that;) I'm still holding out for a birkin....maybe by next year!
  12. LOVE it! did you pick her up at the same time you got your edith? If so, you are my hero! Those are some wonderful bags you will wear with pride forever!
  13. How awesome to get it during double points! Which NM may I ask? I love this!!! Very pretty bag!

  14. Arrrrggghhh!! Yes I did!! It was one incredibly expensive morning!! I honestly didn't think I would end up with the edith-that was sheer luck!
  15. Congrats! Lovely Kelly!:love: