Any Cell Phone Lanyard Pics??

  1. Does anyone have a pic of their phone and or camera with a cell lanyard attached?? I want to see how it looks.:idea:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. See some of the ones on the Coach website, like the perfume print one, don't have the strap. So, I wonder, would they just hang there and how far would they hang? Hmmm

  4. I have that same phone and lose it in my purse all of the time! Love the lanyard and will now have to buy one! :rolleyes:
    BTW--have you figured out how to download songs onto that? :rolleyes: I'm embarassed to admit that I've had that phone for almost a year and can't figure it out. I have an iPod with iTunes but can you transfer songs onto that?

  5. I have a new one - the "summer fruit" one on my cell right now...I'll take a picture of it tonight on the phone and post it here.
    this one:


    My hubby and I have the same phone (why he felt the need to buy two $400+ phones is beyond me.) There's some software you need to get the songs on the chip then on your phone...DH figured it all out for me. You don't go through's separate software I believe.

    I RARELY use the mp3 player on this phone...basically because I don't have headphones for it! heheh
  6. [​IMG]

    Sorry for the group shot, i don't have a separte pic of just the phone, but mine hangs to almost the bottom of my krazr
  7. [​IMG]

  8. Here is my magenta razr with the fruit lanyard that I just purchased at the outlet!
    I LOVE it!
  9. I love that! I think I am going to get me one. Got a wrislet to bring back. Hope to get a cool one and I will show it off!!!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Isn't this lanyard uber-adorable? I LOVE the "leaves" on the strawberry! (and for $16, you couldn't beat the price for this!)

    love it with your magenta phone!
  12. Wish I had purchased the white version of this, there much else that will go with this reddish color other than the lanyard I have
  13. I think the one with the fruit on it would look good. Or anything that has pink, black, oooh yellow would be awesome, or maybe purple. I'm not real sure what kind of lanyards Coach has out right now.
  14. Here's mine!
    cellphone.jpg 022707Keychains.jpg
  15. I just got a phone that can have a lanyard attached to it. I had upgraded to a smartphone, but I hated that thing, so I bought a new one. Anyway, I've been wanting a lanyard, but I'm afraid If i get one that is metal it will ding up my phone. Anybody notice if metal ones leave marks on your phone?

    I'm watching one on eBay that is just like the one that's on coachkatie's phone, it's just too cute, plus it's leather.