Any cell-phone case?

  1. I have been to the Coach boutique at the mall but can't seem to find a phone case.. I didnt ask the help of the sales assistant though.. I couldnt find one at the Coach website too..

    Any info is appreciated since I am new to the brand but have fallen head over heels with it... :heart::heart::heart:
  2. They are discontinued. Some people still sale them on eBay check there :smile:
  3. Or you could just get a wristlet to hold your phone. Not quite the same, but that's what I did for my Treo before I switched to the BlackBerry (it came with its own case...YAY!). But you can still find some cases on eBay, just watch out for fakes.
  4. what kind of phone do you have? A wristlet would be great for stashing your phone, plus there are SO many different ones to choose from! Good luck!
  5. I think because there are sooooo many types of phones now, they discontinued them. But a wristlet would work! My phone can actually fit in a mini skinny too.
  6. Thanks y'all for the tips.. I have a Nokia that case, I should get myself a wristlet ...

    This forum has been very useful to me.. since I am new to Coach.... and crazy :drool:about the brand now :tup: