Any Celine Clasp collection fans?

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  1. I am prepping my 2018 wishlist and the Clasp bags have been whispering in my ear. :smile:

    I like all of the styles, but it looks like the Flap Clasp might be the most practical for my wants and lifestyle.

    Do any of you have anything from this collection? What are your thoughts?

    I’m eying this one:
  2. I love everything in the clasp collection. The one you're considering is such a great color. I want that color too.
  3. I have a mini clasp in licorice, one of
    the many beautiful colours it comes
    in. It's a lovely light bag to carry but can only fit a few items which is fine for me as I have other larger bags I can use when I need. Although I was a bit concerned at first, I've had zero trouble with the clasp. The bag is very easy to open and close whilst on the shoulder and sits on my lap in restaurant. I'm really loving it.

    I did try the clasp flap once and loved but it must be a very popular bag as it sold out pretty quickly.
  4. The clasp collection is amazing, I love every single piece. My favorite one is mini clasp bag, goat skin in dark navy. And I dream about mini clasp in bordeaux, they have clasp large wallet on chain in this amazing color.
  5. I have the flap clasp bag in the "dark sea" color and it's such a great bag! It fits quite a bit but is super lightweight and easy to carry. The leather is also super luxurious and buttery smooth!
  6. Hi Jade, yes i actually own this exact the burgundy’s STUNING & i love mine. It’s super light weight & the leather is so buttery soft. Highly recommend:heart::tup:
  7. It’s beautiful. I definitely love the look of it, but I haven’t tried it on yet.
  8. I was at Celine in Beverly Hills a few months back and my mom was considering the mini clasp bag because the red one looked super cute. She’s 5’2” about size 6. Two reasons she went for the large trio (she travels for work a lot so the large size was more practical) instead of the clasp bag - 1) the strap was too long for her and 2) the strap is kind of flimsy looking in person. Especially with how the hardware accents the top of the bag, felt the straps should be a bit thicker and made adjustable! My mom has slender shoulders so as she moved around, the bag kept sliding down.
    Gorgeous bag and the leather is so buttery and amazing in person, but got a no from our end :sad:
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  9. I'm kind of tempted by the Clasp Cabas, but the shoulder straps look ultra thin for a bag of that size. Can anyone who has seen it IRL provide feedback?
  10. The Clasp Cabas looks extremely sleek. I love the aesthetic of the bag, but the straps were extremely uncomfortable for me when I wore the bag on my shoulder.
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    As @yoonanam wrote, mini clasp strap is very thin and unfortunately not adjustable. The thin strap is not problem for me, but the too long strap is. Hope they will change it in next seasons, I think it will be trouble for all women of lower height. I'm 5"6' and it looks too long if I wear it not crossbody.

    What do you think about clasp large wallet on chain? I have not seen it yet IRL.
  12. I tried on the clasp Cabas tote in black and was very tempted. Very beautiful, light and sleek. The reason I didn’t in the end was because I found it really hard to open and close the clasp and when the sales warned me about the thin straps and not to overload it, I decided not to get it as the point of a tote for me is to have the freedom to carry whatever I need.
  13. Thanks for the feedback! Looks like I can take this one off my list. Such a shame, though -- it's so gorgeous.
  14. I went to see the bag in person yesterday. Its extremely well made and beautiful. The leather is impeccable. The only problem is it’s a tad bit big. If only it was smaller, I’d get it in a heart beat.
    DAE3ECBD-C9E3-4393-83E1-2DD4A7983DB5.jpeg 507ACFA4-D3FB-4B16-AB63-75CBC550F931.jpeg