Any Celebs Spotted with Burberry?

  1. Have any celebs ever been spotted with a Burberry bag?
  2. I only have these of Victoria Beckham:
  3. Burberry bags,especially the classic checked ones,are more often associated with chavs...:Push:
  4. ^^^ What is a chav???!!
  5. This is the definition I found:
    Chav is a slang term which has been in wide use throughout the United Kingdom since 2004. It refers to a subcultural stereotype of a person with fashions such as flashy "bling" jewellery and counterfeit designer clothes or sportswear, an uneducated, uncultured, impoverished background, a tendency to congregate around places such as fast-food outlets, bus stops, or other shopping areas, and a culture of antisocial behavior.
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  6. Wow thanks Irene, I'd never heard that before, I wonder what American slang term it would be analagous to? Intersting love the PF!!
  7. now that i think of it i don't see a lot of celebs with burberry
  8. i don't see a lot of celebs with burberry either. hmm. weird.
  9. i think it's kind of similar to 'ghetto,' but i like 'chav' better.
  10. I think Jessica Simpson sported a small pink burberry bag awhile ago when she was still with Nick. Here's a pic but its sort of unclear and small :unsure:

    P.S. I just noticed the window in the pic is Burberry-designed for some reason :lol::lol:
  11. ^^ The first thing I noticed is the window!! LOL.
  12. Thanks for the clarification :idea: ! I was never good with textbook definitions.
  13. "The Times" has three kinds of chav:

    "Upper Chav: The Beckhams — former Spice Girl Victoria and her footballer husband David are Chav royalty. They observed proceedings from his’n’hers purple thrones on a raised dais at their wedding, sold the pictures to OK! magazine and named their children Brooklyn and Romeo

    Middle Chav: Daniella Westbrook — the former EastEnders star and huge fan of Burberry-themed outfits; the fashion house claims that Ms Westbrook has almost single-handedly ruined its reputation when she was photographed wearing Burberry check from head to foot.
    Lower Chav: Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin: the 19-year-old Manchester United footballer and his fiancée wear Von Dutch tracksuits with diamante thongs (her) and bright white adidas sportswear (him)"
  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]

    It seems Chav goes hand in hand with Burberry. Hmmmm I might be over my Burberry bag longing now. Eeeekkkkk!!!!