Any Cat Lovers

  1. any cat lovers here i have 4 love them all what about your kittys :heart::heart:
  2. I LOVE's my Chloe:love:
    chloe sun sleepy.JPG
  3. cute:supacool::supacool:
  4. The magic words!! I have 6 darlings---Spot (aka madame fifi), Zool, Gozer, Dolores, Mathilda, and Laszlo. I love them more than my bags or my husband or anything!!

  5. Same here.. I have 4 as well. They are all stray cats, I took them from the streets when they were kittens. There are far too many strays in here it is so sad. Wish I could take them all and love them.

    Here they are..

    Manis.. the only girl in the pack


    Kecil.. this was taken when he was just adopted, he is a big boy now


    Kuning.. the naughty one, messin' in my desk :P


    Jack.. with Kuning in the background

  6. I have two....adopted from Battersea Cats and Dogs home in London.
    I love them sooo much....madamfifi, I agree - I love them more than bags and the boyfriend!
  7. we are actually looking at a new kitten this weekend. What do you think of this little one ;)
    little boy ;)
  8. I love love love cats...i'd have hundreds if i could!:yahoo: :love: :shame:
    Here's my two babies:flowers:

    They are Snow Bengals, brother (left) and sister (right).
    We took them on for a lady who was moving abroad for 5 years and didn't want to leave all her (5) cats in the care of her son in law.

    P.S CUTE kitty chloe-babe!!!:love:

    And everyone's kitties are just beautiful...awwwww:heart:
    safs and horus.jpg
  9. I'm one! The cat you see in my logo is Phoebe and an actual, real-live cat. She lives with me, my SO, 3 rabbits and 4 other cats. You can see everyone except the BF (refuses) on my website. Just click on Phoebe's Family.
  10. I have one putty-tat. She is a black and white longhaired(hairballs:P) kitty. I love her soooooooo much. I am a HUGE cat lover! But I would never own more than one pet a time b/c it seems more special to me, and you can spoil them even more, but that's just me.
  11. I love kittys ,here are my two girls,this is Q-Tip shes a solid white Ragdoll:love: .

    My second baby is Ms Mu,she was a victim of Hurricane Katrina that lost her owner.When they found her she was a matted mess and half starved.She is a seal point Himi and a sweetheart :love: .
  12. I adore cats, I have three:love:

    Btw Cat your himalayan is soooooo gorgeous:heart:

    My darlings in order of appeareance Michelle, Coco and Lucy.
    Kuva 086.jpg Kuva 501.jpg Kuva 069.jpg
  13. Cat, can you tell me abit more about your ragdoll please honey? :smile:

    We are torn between the british short hair or a ragdoll cat. Are they really so much more placid and calm than a regular cat! and does yours like water?

    Hope you can help, Julie
  14. ^^^Ragdolls are soooo cute!!! They are known to go limp in your arms and completely relaxed, just like a ragdoll! Everyone's kitties are sooo cute!!
  15. ahhh purplekitty, everything I have read about the ragdoll has made me want one so much. We have been offered this little man below, he is 9 weeks and a purebred ragdoll. but we do not know anybody that has one, so are trying to find out as much as we can. We are torn between another British Shorthair or this bundle of gorgeousness :heart: . Maybe I will start a new thread see if anybody can give me some more info on them :yes: