Any cases where Electric Turquoise HASN'T FADED?

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  1. I love this colour, but I've seen people with faded/yellowed bags in this colour. Has anyone had a good experience where theirs hasn't faded? eg by using some kind of protector/waterproof spray? Please tell me both good & bad stories as I am considering buying a bag in this colour....
  2. Sorry to start this off on the negative side - mine had faded quite noticably after about 2 months of use in a cool climate with weak sunlight (UK Spring 07).
  3. :sad: That is so sad Jenova... have you sent to LMB to try & rejuvenate or to Balenciaga for redyeing or replacement? I just wonder whether you can save it once it's faded....
  4. Hi,

    Am new to tPF. I just acquired a gently used City in electric turqoise, and it was faded/yellowed enough that I needed to take action. I actually shipped mine off to Barbara at LMB, so I will let you know how it works out.

  5. Mine has faded too and I used a protector. I am thinking about redying it.
  6. My First hasn't faded. Not even a bit.
  7. Rere, Yours is Electric Blue yeah?
  8. ive had mine for about only 2 months no fading yet.
    i live in vancouver so quite cool and cloudy weathers mostly in winter time
  10. Yeah, lemme get some quick pics in for you pink!
  11. Here we are. My EB First as of today, 10:01 PM... First two with flash, second two without.

    as fuschia says: "still electric!"




  12. Rere, The OP asked about Electric Turquoise. I am sure she meant Turquoise 08. My EB PT has not faded at all like your First. In fact, I had an EB City which I use a lot & I live on a tropical island & it did not fade when I let her go. I think it is just the Turquoise & Skye Blue that has bad fading issues generally. I've only seen one EB fade so badly somewhere around here.
  13. Ah crap.

    OOps! Sorry loebelia. My mistake.

    Speaking of Electric Turq, I had one of those too. That quickly faded and I sold it as "faded" on ebay.

    My advice? Don't get it. (Get EB instead. :graucho:)
  14. My EB SGH PT hasn't faded one bit!
  15. After some use during last summer, my turq work faded a lil bit around the piping edge. I freaked out and check it every now and then. It hasn't faded much, only not so electric. I'm really hoping I'm luck out on my turq that it doesn't fade (but there prob isn't individual difference on fading issue:P) cos I really like this colour!