any cartier roadster owners?

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  1. hello, i'm trying to find pics of people wearing the cartier roadster....anyone have one? any pros or cons? i just LOVE the look of this watch...
  2. I'll be getting mine 18K yellow gold small Roadster by Friday or next week, my local Cartier boutique is ordering from another location, so hopefully I will post pictures by next week.
  3. I have the ss one and so doesy Mum. We both love it. I spent forever trying to decide and couldnt be happier. It goes with all my jewellery and looks very sleek.
  4. The only con is it seems to scratch easier than my other ss watches.
    I have a 6" wrist for ref.
  5. ^^ looks really good!! I'm kinda leaning towards the roadster too!!
  6. Bumping Just seeing if anyone has any new pics to add or info on this style of watch
  7. ^Have you check the library thread for pictures?
  8. I have a Roadster in SS too and YES it does scratch easily! But I still love mine! Couldn't afford a gold one (2 years ago), currently saving for a gold Rolex (hopefully in 2-3 years lol)
  9. Ive searched the subforum and there arent many pics of the roadster, ive been thinking of buying one. I would love to see more modelling pics!
  10. if i wasnt so darn lazy!

    i love my roadster! i have a tank - got it first- but wear my roadster daily! tank on special occassions.

    I LOVE IT!!!
  11. Here are two pictures of mine
    Cartier SS scartches fairly easily, just a fair warning. My is 2 years old and I don't wear it every single day
  12. [​IMG]

    Here is mine and love it...and it does scratch easily...I don't wear my on a daily basis...only when I travel...
  13. I wear a gents size and I love it! I will take pics tomorrow. :smile:
  14. I also wear the smallest in the men's sizes, so it looks fun and oversized on my wrist. It does appear to scratch easily but I had loved the watch for years and finally took the plunge and have never been sorry.