any CARAMELLA owners......what do you use it for??

  1. when I was at lesportsac buying my spiaggia mamma mia, denaro and porta, they had a caramella and I was gonna buy one but wasn't exactly sure what to use it for. So what do you guys use it for??

    I wish it was smaller (like a caramelina size), then I would have scooped it up for sure.
  2. i have only one, a playground carmellina and I use it to either hold all of my cc, or my makeup :biggrin:
  3. I have both and prefer the carmellina but the caramella is great for when you're carrying bigger bags! I carry tissues and loose stuff in my bag so I can make a quick purse changeout. I've also put the handle off of my porta onto the caramella and it makes for a cute wristlet!
  4. i use my caramella for my stellina mirror, lip gloss, tweezers, jewelry & some random stuff hahah. its ok...maybe i should have gotten a porta tho lol
  5. I :heart: caramella's. I use mine mainly for makeup. I've also used to hold extra stuff like my ipod and other random things that you dont want floating around your bag.
  6. i bought one and was planning on using it as a makeup bag.. i ended up selling it though since I never used it because my bf bought me the Angioletto which I used instead.
  7. I think the caramella is super cute... but I never wanted to pay that much for something so little... so I bought these at the Ala Moana LeSportsac, both combined are way less than a caramella, and I love them!! So many zippers for various things! One pocket for make-up, one for my Tide pen, one for my little notebooks, lotion, on and on!! It makes switching out my bags sooooooo easy because everything is in those two cases!!

    And they're black so they match with all my tokidokis...
    3zipcosmetic.jpg cosmeticclutch.jpg
  8. i'm gonna use mine as a clutch once i buy a porta n use its leash to clip onto my caramella! i love using clutches n its good to hold all of my essentials like wallet, chapstick, mirror, etc
  9. i have a playground one and i use it for a reciept giftcard holder.
  10. I have one that I bought (Citta) and two that I made out of the changing pad that came with my Pirata Cucciolo.

    I use one to hold all the "essentials" that I need to switch out from bag to bag, credit cards that don't fit in the Denaro, mints, pen, lip balm, advil.

    In another one I put extra stuff that's nice to have but wouldn't fit if I'm carrying smaller bag (like a dolce or a bella).

    The third is for specialized stuff that I only need when I go to dog shows (paperwork).

    Then when I switch bags I just grab whichever caramella(s) I want and go.

    In the past I rarely switched purses from day to day because it seemed like so much trouble moving everything around. With the caramellas it really is grab and go.

  11. Maya, I was just looking at those online and I think I'm going to get the three zip smaller one in black to match my spaggia! It's only $18! Now just have to come up w/a reason (for DH) to drive 35 min to Bev Hills................:whistle:
  12. I know! I think they're really cute and I love all the zippers. Hehe. It cost me a little more in Hawaii, but only a few dollars so it was okay. It's better than buying it on-line, sending it to my best friend, and having her send it to me. I definitely love them though!
  13. I've seen some with beautiful print placement, but I've resisted they're so expensive for so little (in terms of craftsmanship). I'd rather use the money towards a bag with lots of features. For my makeup I have a L.A.M.B case (this shape) which fits in everything, including my Bella.
  14. ooh I love the Caramella! =) Besides holding makeup, i use a second one for misc stuff to keep em from getting lost in the bag.. similar reasons as DreamsofToki!
  15. Where's tokijen? She's our caramella queen! I've said it before but having all the different prints inside your bag is fun to look at too! That's probably the ONLY justification for spending that much on a makeup bag! Except for the fact that it IS big enough to carry as a wristbag! It will hold a celll phone & wallet & keys...about as much as a dolce! (and cheaper!)