any canadians purchase from shopbop?

  1. hi everyone!

    has anyone here ever purchased anything from Shopbop and had it shipped to canada? i'm wondering if there were any customs duties or brokerage fees?

    many thanks!
  2. yes i got a juicy sweatsuit last year and was charged 35 bucks in fees. It could be more it's up to ups' mood.
  3. not canada but here they always charge the full amount when i order from Shopbop. which is why i try to order from revolve instead!
  4. yep! i only buy from Shopbop when i can't get it somewhere else. the fees are insane. the shipping is nuts, plus the ups brokerage fees when the stuff arrives. revolve is the way to go (no shipping, no fees)! active endeavours also has free shipping to canada now, but they also ship with ups and you pay brokerage fees.
  5. Yeah, I've ordered from Shopbop many a time, and always have had to pay duties/brokerage fees. It is annoying, but I do love shopbop, their service is great. My order always arrives very quickly, unlike some other online stores.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the advice!
    I know revolve clothing somehow manages to ship without customs charges but unfortunately they don't have what I want :sad:
    I'll keep looking! :smile:
  7. YES!:rant: UPS has THE MOST OUTRAGES brokerage fees out of all the carriers!!! I paid as much in duties as I did in their fees!:censor: If you can help it, send it to some one you know in US and have them mail it to you as a gift! Avoid using UPS across the border! THEY ARE THE BIGGEST RIP OFF EVER!!!
  8. ITA! They're even worse than FedEx. We ordered some of our leftover wedding flatware pattern from the US since it's hard to find in Canada, and unfortunately the company only used UPS. Anyway, it was a totally PITA - the brokerage and duties were around $500. We were really pissed b/c we could have gotten another 6 settings for the price of the fees.