any canadians out there who buy from bluefly??

  1. Hi there I was just wondering how much Canadians have to pay for customs and duties when an item is shipped from Bluefly? I'm hoping for an answer asap since I want to order something right now!!!
  2. Hello:confused1:
  3. Hi,

    I live in Canada and have purchased from Bluefly...and I find the customs to be pretty expensive...from what I can remember I bought a dress that came just under 300 and I had to pay 96 dollars...this was just a few months ago....hope this helps :smile:
  4. Yes, you often have to pay customs for Bluefly since Customs recognizes it as a store. I've found shopping from Bluefly quite pricey since their shipping rate is steep too. it has to be a pretty big savings/something I really want before I'll buy from there.