Any Canadians on here that have ordered from


Jan 23, 2009
Hi ladies,

I'm interested in Tiffany's crown key pendant and I put my name on the waiting list at Holt's over 2 months ago and have yet to hear from them! I'm kinda getting impatient and am considering ordering it online, has anyone ordered from them before? How are the customs & duties, etc? Thanks in advance!


Ooooh, pretty!
Feb 24, 2009
Hi there! Yes I have and it's AMAZING! It's fast (a few days?), I think like $12 shipping (not THAT much - parking at Holts downtown Toronto would be more!) and no duty/customs other than GST/PST as per usual. It's coming from the Canadian online store now so the prices are in CND dollars and there's no border fuss. It's great! Their selection is so much better than even in the stores and you can order any length necklace to go with your key, any style - just find a pendant you like and click "0" for the pendant and then pick your chain. The BEST thing? They send EVERY piece in a perfect box with bow! Even the stores don't always do that!!