Any Canadians here?


Jan 10, 2006
I know i've posted something similar a while back ,but since people are joining this forum all the time i was wondering if anyone from Vancouver B.C. have joined??
Vancity ladies love their bags! FYI There is a great boutique in T.O. called Augustina...they carry some great Bulga bags amongst other Parisian labels as well...they're located in Yorkville
I don't know if other canadians feel my pain but we never get nice purses in stores and if we do its a few months delay and they get 1 or 2. I think it'll be a great idea for everyone from canada to post what goodies they find in there hometown atleast we can order from them without paying a a hefty fee on customs and duty.
They lastest and greatest i've seen this week is a white and nut color bottega veneta ball in Vancouver's holt renfrew.
Great idea moe...when I order from the US, I get them to send it air mail via FedEx or UPS, that way you don't pay the brokerage fee and if you can get the store to put a value of $50 on the package, you'll pay about $9. However, I've heard that if you order from Gucci or Prada they put the entire amount and then you pay about $200-400 in brokerage/customs fees...ridiculous!