Any Canadians here?

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  1. I know i've posted something similar a while back ,but since people are joining this forum all the time i was wondering if anyone from Vancouver B.C. have joined??
  2. hi moe i'm from vancouver. nice to meet ya!
  3. vancouver
  4. From T.O.
  5. hey i'm from vancouver
  6. Toronto
  7. VANCITY BABEYYY...!!! u know... we should all meet up one day and have coffee... =D that would be so awesome...
  8. Vancity ladies love their bags! FYI There is a great boutique in T.O. called Augustina...they carry some great Bulga bags amongst other Parisian labels as well...they're located in Yorkville
  9. Vancouver here too!
  10. I love ppl from Canada. You guy are so friendly!
  11. Me :biggrin:
  12. I keep a residences in Vancouver and Whistler.

    Though I am not there nearly enough to enjoy the city.
  13. I'm from Toronto but visit my family in Vancouver every 6 months. I love both cities, their awesome.
  14. I don't know if other canadians feel my pain but we never get nice purses in stores and if we do its a few months delay and they get 1 or 2. I think it'll be a great idea for everyone from canada to post what goodies they find in there hometown atleast we can order from them without paying a a hefty fee on customs and duty.
    They lastest and greatest i've seen this week is a white and nut color bottega veneta ball in Vancouver's holt renfrew.
  15. Great idea moe...when I order from the US, I get them to send it air mail via FedEx or UPS, that way you don't pay the brokerage fee and if you can get the store to put a value of $50 on the package, you'll pay about $9. However, I've heard that if you order from Gucci or Prada they put the entire amount and then you pay about $200-400 in brokerage/customs fees...ridiculous!