Any Canadians? Help!!!

  1. I went to Chanel Boutique in Bloor and Hort Renfrew today and they didn't carry the clutch. Gosh wat should i do now? I really want it. :confused1: Any suggestions?
  2. You can call NM, my SA says she's happy to ship to Canada!:yes:
  3. I live in the US and have ordered from the Chanel boutique in Toronto and have had no problems having things shipped.

    You will definitely get hit with duty fees though, so be prepared. For us in the US it's 9%, I think it's a lot higher for Canadians though.
  4. That clutch was in the latest NM catalogue, so you could call and order it over the phone--the call centre accepts Visa, whereas the individual stores do not. There will be taxes to pay, but it shouldn't be more than $120, and will likely be less. (I cannot figure out the formula they use--it is SO inconsistent!)
  5. Did your Holts call the other stores - Calgary, Vancouver, etc? That might be worth a shot. I'd try that first - Chanel's prices are reasonable in Canada, but if you order from Saks/Neimans in the US, you'll have to pay taxes and duty. Duty varies, but I think it's around 12% for leather items...
  6. unfortunately the holts here in vancouver doesn't carry chanel but we do have a freestanding store. maybe try that one?
  7. Chanel in Calgary is tiny, but give it a try...
  8. Yes, try other stores in Canada first. Then, if there's not luck with that, order from a US store.
  9. I doubt the other Holts stores will have it, if the Toronto one does not. Unless they sold out of something, I think the inventory is pretty much the same. The Chanel boutique in Holts is tiny, by the way.

    If you have to have it, then order it from the States. You'll get hit with duty and taxes but I wonder how much is shipping? UPS to Canada is the worst, in regard to paying extra charges.
  10. Just ask your local boutique to check all Canada locations for you, its just one click away. All canadian stock records can be tracked at any chanel boutique