Any Campers?

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  1. I'm not talking about in the wilderness! At camprounds in RVs and cabins. I've been camping since about 5, my family stopped when I was about 15 and since I've turned 30 we started again, my parent wanted too since they have grandkids now. It's a really good time with the kids.

    If you do, do you have a regular spot or do you travel to different are welcome.!
  2. Awwwe, thought you meant camping in tents..which I love to do!

    I'm assuming you're in New Orleans? I'm not familiar with that area..but I'm sure you can find somewhere close..or are you thinking out of state?
  3. It could be in tents, I'm just meaning in a campground area, not off in the woods somewhere. I'm not looking for any place specific just a thread for people to chat about their experiences with camping.
  4. Ah okay..I LOVE camping..I've camped in Montana,Arkansas, Oklahoma..the SO and I have a two man tent..we do camp on campgrounds..never too thick in the woods due to ticks. Here are some pics of places I've camped at in Montana:

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  5. These are from Oklahoma (the SO loves to go fly fishing):
    I hope others come to post too!! Great idea for a thread!

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  6. Your pics are beautiful and I've always wanted to try fly fishing. I'd love to know the names of the places you posted.

    Here are a few of our camping trip for Halloween!

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  7. ^Your montana pics are beautiful, sweetpea, makes me wanna go there!
  8. Thanks guys! Montana is absolutely gorgeous..if you guys ever go make sure to check out Glacier National Park (not featured in those pics).

    I have yet to master fly's a bit tricky, imo.

    Chantilly-oh wow..that is so cool that you guys camped out on Halloween!! That is a great idea..telling scary stories by the campfire I suppose? :tup:

  9. Of course. The campground we go to really goes all out and so does the campers, lots of them make their own haunted houses it's really unbelievable the work these people put into this weekend. I really like this time of year bc it's just the right temp to set outside and drink my red wine.

    The pictures you have are those from when you all stayed on a campground site?
  10. Yeah, they all had campgrounds...never got any ticks on me in Montana..but for some odd reason we got them everytime in Oklahoma..luckily they weren't deer ticks!

    I agree..this is perfect weather to camp right now..sad thing is I've never even camped in my own state of!
  11. What are the names of the campgrounds in your pics. We only went to Mississippi. But after seeing your pics it makes me want to venture out more. We've never had problems with ticks thank goodness bc we bring our poddle with us off course we put flea & tick treatments on her to prevent but you never know.
  12. I can't remember the names of the places in MT..but the place where we camped in Oklahoma was in a state park (Beavers Bend National Park) this place has places for RVs and campgrounds for tents..there is also cabins to rent out. It's a very popular place for Dallas folks to getaway from Texas for some R&R. They rent out kayaks and inner tubes to float the river's a neat place. We were there recently actually..2 weekends ago. It got into the 60s in the evening..perfect weather!

    Here's a link of the lodging:
  13. :ty:
  14. ^You're very welcome!
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    Oh me!!!
    We camp ALL the time...tent camp too!
    We planned to go back to the Redwoods this weekend..but moved it to the following weekend(its raining ...if it was sprinkling or just chilly that would be fine but tent camping and pouring rain...not so fun.)

    Love it there!...
    Thanks for starting this! I just saw that its only for cabins and RV's...I guess that wouldn't be me...:smile:
    We don't do extreme wilderness or anything ...
    We camp at Jedediah Smith State Park on the Smith River(gorgeous!) or the KOA when we are down there...the KOA is a super nice one...right in the forest. I am usually not a big KOA fan myself but this one is nice.