Any Camilla wallet available?

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  1. anyone knows where I can score one? I have asked my SA(NM)...she said there is 3 available national wild...but since now there is a big event going on, SAs will keep top selling she is not able to locate one for me...:crybaby:

    I don't mind the colors..and size...plz let me know if you guys see any available!! thx~
  2. Just got the brand new style today at the Palm Beach Chanel Boutique. It's to die for!! Has a silver camilla snap on the front. Comes in black and beige. The price is $795 Ask for Elizabeth, she is my Sa. Tell her Arlyne sent you. Maybe she can send you a picture. I know that she had two more left in black.
  3. thx diva~~I was wondering if NM has it...well if I couldn't find one then I will try boutique then!!
  4. I saw 2 styles from Bergdorf lookbook (Act II). They come in 2 sizes. The medium one costs around $580.

    You mean NM still has 3 available, but your SA can't order it for you. How about make random calls to other NMs by yourself? Good luck :heart:
  5. xxxxxxx
  6. Thank you bretiny!! I saw them on BG's lookbook as well...not sure if they still have them. My sales from NM told me from what she saw on system, there is 3 available in NM stores, and she has tried to ring up for me...but no luck!! I will see if I can find some alternatives then...:tup:

  7. While it wasn't at a NM, I did see lots at Chanel at Wynn, Las Vegas. They had shorter one with flaps on both ends and also larger long ones. I *think* they also had new camellia snap closures as well.
  8. thank you Nana!! I will try to call them then, boutique always has better stuff? I mean at least rare ones:P?
  9. Are you still looking for one? I actually got a purple camilla wallet (the longer one) as a gift for xmas and ended up returning it at Nordstroms. You could try them?