Any Byzance owners out there?????

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  1. I just purchased a YSL Byzance (cross) bag from Bluefly last week. :yahoo: I am soooo..... excited to get it, I have been eyeing it for a while. The cross gives it such an edgy, rocker look! Do any of you have this bag? Please post pics!!!
  2. Did you get the brown one? I had bought the black one last winter from NM, then returned it because of the metallic side that's on the black one (I don't think the brown has it) and have regretted it ever since. I loved the styling of it.
  3. It is brown with a long shoulder strap. It is close to a hobo style. I can't wait to see it in person.:nuts:
  4. So--what's the verdict? Do you like it? Love it? Or did it go back???
  5. Sorry- just saw this....The Byzance went back. :crybaby: I love the studded cross design; I just didn't like the leather on the bag. I was slightly sad to see it go, it had such a rocker chic look to it.
  6. I finally found a Sac Venise at Yoox--it's got the studded cross, but more of a baguette type shape (a little bigger than the baguettes used to be). I'm a big fan of buffalo leather--although the black Venise seems to be a combo of lamb and buffalo--because of the metallic front flap, which has a bronze glaze.