Any BV sale around Thanksgiving??

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  1. anyone know?? would really love to make a purchase !!!
  2. i know NM is having some BV sale according to my SA. She told me to call her next week and she will have more information. It's going to be mostly on seasonal items.
  3. will you post the info back when you hear back from her???

    Thanks so much for the info =)
  4. do seasonal color woven bags ever go on sale?
  5. check bluefly
  6. Yes. I've found some seasonal color woven bags at NM and Saks on sale. My SA at NM said that a pink (not sure what season its from) woven veneta should go on sale. It's a light pink.
  7. I was at the BV store in Wed. & was told there is a sale starting the 29th. There is a presale starting Friday for "special customers."( I have never bought anything from this store & yet they are holding a bag for me to pick up friday. Go figure.)
    Items were 30 to 50% off but its only certain bags in certain colors.
  8. There are several of the newer bags on sale at Bluefly - the studded hobo (that I just bought for full price - oh well!), a red Montaigne (bookermoose, where are you?!) and several otehrs.
  9. My SA said the magnolia (pink from last season?) will go on sale.
  10. Some of the Nordstroms should have some BV on sale starting tomorrow. I tried to call a store in Bellvue, Washington state, but the ditzy SA kept saying she was busy and was going to call me back and send an email, but never did.
  11. Aaagh. I've been tied up with work and therefore haven't checked Bluefly for a day or so (or tPF for that matter) and therefore didn't see the red Montaigne had appeared.... Thanks for letting me know!!! But can I justify buying FOUR Montaignes in less than a month?! But I want it... Help.
  12. BookerMoose you can add to your gorgeous trio :flowers:

    I also saw a large red veneta and ferro sloane on bluefly last night! Hope a TPFer is able to purchase . :heart:
  13. Oh hell, BookerMoose, go for it! The red is pretty divine.... and the price is right. If you do order from Bluefly, let me know what kind of customs duty you might get assessed!
  14. Double aagh. I just don't know what to do. I have decided that I love, love, love the Montaigne shape and style and definitely want it in a zippy colour to add to my beagle-inspired nero, noce and (totally impractical but I still love it) bianco trio... and I think the carmino (that would be the red that is on Bluefly right now, right?) is the way to go - because although I loved the pinks from S/S 07 I just don't really "do" pink as much as I like it objectively as a colour - in which case I know I should just go for the carmino one on Bluefly before it disappears... and everyone who has seen carmino IRL seems to say it is an absolutely wonderful red, but I also keep wondering whether there any new "zippy" colours that people know are coming up on the horizon - maybe in S/S 08? -that may even be better than carmino (including was there something about a new red other than carmino)? Of course I can't see anything IRL because we are such a BV wasteland here and the only place that carries BV basically only carries the classic colours, so I haven't even seen anything in carmino IRL nor do I expect to have the chance save for buying the one on Bluefly before it disappears.

    I just don't know what to do!!! Help...
  15. I saw the carmino pieces at the BV store in Rome and they are really, really wonderful. But then, I love red. Too bad we're on opposite coasts. We could chip in and share the bag! :graucho: