Any buyers on here?

  1. I've always been really interested in becoming a buyer and am wondering how I should go about pursuing this. I used to work at Bloomingdales, so I have some retail experience. I've worked in Accounting for the past 5 years and although it's stable, it's really not my passion. I think it's finally time for me to switch industries and do what really interests me.

    Are there are any buyers on here or people in that industry that can give me some advice, pros/cons of the job, etc? I have a degree in Sociology, if that matters.

    Anything would be helpful. Thank you in advance! :smile:
  2. I am a former buyer for a major specialty chain but not for many years so things may have changed. The best way had always been a major retailers exec training program. Most buyers start at the bottom and build their way up and it can take years. Many are stuck at assistant buyer level for a long time. If you have been at Bloomie's I would check out their training program if it is still in existance...
  3. Agree with Kalodie - be prepared to start at the bottom and make very little money for quite some time. Not sure where you are located - but if you are on the east coast, check out WWD as they always have postings in there. Good Luck!