Any business women here?

  1. I am thinking about getting a nice business bag and I would rather not have anything that screams LV. Does anyone here have the Damier Altona GM? I prefer something with a sholder stap bc i have to carry around a lot of files etc. Any suggestions or feedback on your business totes/briefs?

  2. i'm still a student, so don't mind me :P. it's too bad you only want a shoulder bag, because the Damier and Epi Sac Plat look very professional :love: (in fact i'm going to buy one of them when i get my first job:wlae:). the Altona looks a bit too manly for me.

  3. What about the Damier Chelsea? That's my work & travel tote. I love it! If you search the threads you'll find plenty of talk and praise for it.
  4. Those are both gorgeous, but for what I do, I really need more of a briefcase. I do LOVE them though! :love:
  5. Thanks, I looked on both elux and the LV site, they don't have it listed anymore...I am going to check this site and hopefully someone posted a pic.

  6. I have the broadway messenger bag for work....I needed something a little bigger than a regular small briefcase and I wanted a handle as well as a long shoulder strap. I've been very happy with it and like you I was concerned about not screaming LV......I also got the damier medium agenda so it looks very put together when I have to go to meetings and such......
  7. The Saleya MM might be worth a look too :flowers:. I have the PM but for your needs, you would probably want something bigger that fits more easily on the shoulder.
  8. i am an executive and i LOVE my damier chelsea. it fits documents, and can work as a purse at once as well (but i'd recommend a purseket).
  9. Epi Passy GM in black.
  10. Riviera
    Damier Sac Plat
  11. That sounds SO divine! I am looking forward to seeing it IRL.
  12. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! I forgot to mention this initially but it must have a business card, cell phone, and pen holder. Do you know if LV makes one like this?

    THANK YOU!!!
  13. I'm a lawyer and swear by my Saleya MM!
  14. imgg, this is a great thread! I too need a bag that doesn't scream "LOUIS VUITTON!", but it needs to be sturdy enough to hold books and thick, THICK files. I initially thought I might be able to fit something into the Mabillon, but no dice. The Mabillon is only good for walking the dog and quick shopping jaunts.
  15. I use a Longchamp leather tote. I'm amazed by how much I can stuff into it- it really is a workhorse! It's similar in size and style to an LV Batignolles Horizontal.

    It's the Roseau in shiny black leather, with a jewled bamboo clasp. The Longchamp site won't let me post a link or copy a picture, but if you are interested, it's under Ladies Handbags-tote bags.

    Oh yeah- it has a cell phone pocket and zipped interior pocket on one side, and two large pockets (open) on the other side. It really organizes everything well.
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