Any business graduates in the Fashion Industry???

  1. What is your major and what do you do in the fashion industry? Perks and downers of your job? Thanks!
  2. Yes I'm interested about this too. I'm a finance major...its boring in the finance industry!
  3. I'm an accounting major. I'm trying to look for ways to mix what I love and what I want to do :yes:
  4. I majored in Marketing and PR, and am doing the latter for a fashion house. :smile:
  5. i majored in economics and i'm a financial analyst (hoping to become a planner or buyer) and work at Saks... of course the best part is the discount!
  6. Yup this sounds perfect ;)
  7. majored in photography and graphic design but i'm working in the finance industry as well! how did that happen? haha!
  8. what does a planner/buyer do?
  9. that must be fun. i always thought marketing related jobs are pretty cool :yes:
  10. I'm not a graduate myself but I thought I should share what I heard. My friend's boyfriends sister in law majored in business. I don't recall which field exactly but by chance a friend introduced her to an internship in the fashion industry. She started at the bottom by working in the fitting rooms but now she is a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman.

    She gets to fly out to Paris often to negotiate or something like that. She became a buyer very quickly because all the other ladies started having children and they did not have the freedom to travel so she got the job.

    Once I heard of her job I was very envious. I'm majoring in business myself and to be able to mix that with fashion and the discounts is awesome.
  11. basically pick what to sell in the stores but it helps to have a finance background i think...

    i think it would be better than the dept i am in now.. a little boring for me lol
  12. No complaints from me! :graucho:
  13. so are u a financial analyst for saks right now or u plan to be a buyer for saks?
  14. wow! this is so cool. I read buyers get paid pretty well too. Where is your friend's boyfriend sis in law located? Maybe it was because of where she is located
  15. That's my dream job! (Fashion + Travelling = 2 of my favourite things :biggrin: )