Any bubble Quilt in Paris????

  1. Hi Guys, I am trying to get the Chanel Bubble Quilt Hobo bag in Asia but in vian. The last time i saw it was in Hong Kong Pacific place and its sold out in Singapore. :crybaby:

    A friend is going to Paris soon.. Please help all Chanel fans out there.. Im really in love :heart:with this bag.
  2. [​IMG]

    Is this the one you want? Try Saks in NYC. I've just bought one by phone! The number is in the "best SAs" thread on the last page.
  3. thanks Dearie. This bag is similar but the strap is not a chain. I will call them up to see if they can help. Many many thanks!!!!
  4. Hihi, can help to post the phone number of Saks here.. i have problem looking for it. thanks so much!!!!
  5. (212)940-4347/4353

    Good luck. I dealt with Ndo - very nice, went thru' everything patiently and sent an email to confirm.

  6. kelly, i was wondering if the one you got has that braided chain all around and can the bag be worn cross body?
  7. I'm getting the one in the picture in this thread but there is another flap which has a drawstring effect (which is what I think you mean by the chain all around). It's $3150 and the style number is A35612. There're pics of the drawstring effect one in the BQ reference thread and Chanelboy's BQ thread.

    Good luck!
  8. PS The one I'm getting I've tried on and I could wear it across my body (but I'm pretty flat-chested:tdown:). I'm not sure you can wear the other one that way as the straps are shorter.
  9. When I was there early August they only had jersey/non leather bubble quilts in paris.