Any BROWN/TAN Paddys coming up for Fall/Winter 2007?

  1. Please, I need some advice since I couldn't find anything with the 'Search' function or when I googled. :smile:

    I understand the Muscade/Nutmeg was the brown shade for Spring/Summer 2007 but does Chloé have any brown or tan shades for this upcoming Fall/Winter?

    I read there was something new called Elephant which seemed to be more of a greyish antique brown, but I rather want a lighter tan-brownish one to match my clothing for fall. :yes:
  2. I'm not sure if the paddy will be available in a color similar to nutmeg/muscade.

    I have seen the elephant color irl and for the paddy it is much more of a greenish brown then a greyish brown. This color definitely varies by style as the elvire which is on and lvr definitely looks more grey, consistent with the swatch in the lookbook.

    My m-i-l and I saw the elephant paddy a few weeks back at the chloe store in scp and she really liked it. It was definitely an earth tone and was more brown than my roche (brownish grey) paddy. Like I said there is a definite green undertone.

    The new paddy capsule also comes in elephant and also dark brown and creme (not sure exact names).
  3. Thanks kmrosko404!

    I found this on LVR website, and it's simply called 'Tan'.
    But this is not the same 'tan' from 2005 or 2006, or is it?
    I'm not sure if I like the colour or not :confused1: I should see it IRL first I guess.


    There's also one 'Tan' on the ASOS website, they sell authentic Chloé products.


    So which one is the real tan now? :hrmm: I'm about to purchase my 1st Paddy ever and I'm all confused. :wlae:
  4. LVR is authentic too. I just think the pics are off unless its a different tan for the current season (but the color won't be that different from 05 and 06). The correct color of tan is the second picture for 2006 and 2005. its a honey orange.
  5. I don't think the one from LVR is the elephant. Hard to tell sometimes with online pics and inconsistencies with the names for colors. LVR has the elvire bag and is calling the taupey-grey color 'elephant' too so it seems like they would do the same for the paddy if it was in fact elephant.

    Also, note that the lvr tan has mixed silver and gold hardware where the tans from 05 and 06 had just gold.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the top pic is "Elephant" from LVR's pics. They also have "Tan" listed, but I'm pretty sure it would be the original Tan colour, like the bottom pic.
  7. BTW, this seems to be the Chloé 'Elephant' colour, it's more greyish than the Paddy pic.
    The Paddy is only available in 'Black' and 'Tan' @ LVR.

  8. Sorry if I wasn't clear... the elvire picture you posted in elephant does look more grey. I still have not seen this bag in this color irl. I have seen the leather swatch though from the lookbook and it's definitely more greyish taupey. NAP has a better pic of this bag also if anyone is interested. I don't think this color is out yet in stores...

    As for the paddy, I did see irl and also matched the swatch for 'paddy elephant' to the actual bag and it was more greenish taupe. It did not match the 'elvire elephant' swatch.

    bottom line paddy elephant is not the same as elvire elephant.
  9. I emailed them and asked what the real colour "code" is. So hopefully this 'Tan' mystery will be solved soon. :idea:

    The colour looks slightly different on my 2 computer screens so I really wonder now what it is like in real life. There's no Chloé store where I live so I'd have to order it to see it.

    BTW, what have your experiences with LVR been? I read in another thread, an European OnLine Shopping related one, that there was some horror stories. :confused1:
    Me and my friend have both actually visited the LVR store in Florence/Italy last summer and they seemed okay.
  10. never ordered from lvr but lots of folks here have. considered ordering a while back but was not sure about how the import stuff works and then the bag I was considering went on sale (yay!) but was then final sale (boo!) so I decided not to.

    the color inconsitencies are soooo frustrating and pics for the same bag in the same color vary from site to to site too! ARGH!!

    Guess that is why I've really only purchased in person. Fortunately I have access to a number of authentic chloe retailers.

    Good luck, definitely post pics when you get whatever you decide on!
  11. Okay, so no reply from them so far, the pic of the tan bag is still there but when I click on it, there's only one colour option that's coming up and it's 'Noir'. :rolleyes: