Any Brown Cerf owners out there?

  1. Hi all, I'm getting a cerf tote, but don't want the black one, since I have a black birkin with gold.

    I was wondering if anyone has the brown one... how well does it match with a black outfit? (i have this thing about matching black with brown.)

    I was thinking about beige, but I have a medallion in that color and it's not one of my favorite colors, unless someone here can enable me!

    Is the brown too mature looking? (i'm a 30 year old mom of 3.) i've mostly seen ladies carrying the black but i thought brown with the gold cc's a nice dark, a little bit casual alternative.
  2. Hi. :smile: I don't have a brown cerf tote, but I plan to get one soon! Also, I think I would purchase the brown with the gold, since I already have two brown Chanel bags both with silver... so the brown w/ gold sounds great to me! :smile: The brown w/ silver is also really nice, have you considered that as well? I'm sure you can wear it with black, but personally, I wouldn't, since I'm not a big black with brown fan. :smile: Black with camel/tan to me is different than black w/ chocolate brown... I just don't like the latter combination. IMO, brown is really veratile, and I'm sure you'd get a lot of wear out of it... it isn't too mature, I think it's more in how you wear it. :smile: A brown cerf tote with a coordinating pantsuit, for example, is more mature to me, versus a brown cerf with jeans and a cute top (the latter being how I'd likely wear it). :smile: HTH!
  3. Ditto to everything fiery said! I am planning on the brown w/gold (pale gold is the hw released for fall) Cerf and will be dressing it down (shorts, jeans, t's, camis) versus up.
  4. The brown cerf is really a gorgeous shade. A true brown. Like chocolate!
  5. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

  6. the beige is pretty beautylicious, and i love the story behind you receiving it, very sweet!

    any action photos with the brown or beige?
  7. ^That beige is beautiful!!
  8. I have been thinking about the brown cerf tote for a while now! I really think it's beautiful - it'd look great with a crisp white shirt. On the contrary, I think brown actually looks young and hip :smile: Actually, the cerf tote is a very sophisticated/modern option in all colours, you can't go wrong! I think Jennifer Anniston was wearing a black cerf in the movie "The Break-Up", and Nathalie's beige cerf is soo beautiful too!
  9. I have the brown with gold cc's and i lvoe her, she looks great with jeans or a suit. i am a 37 yr old mom and stay home with my son and i feel it cna be both sporty and dressy. The size is ideal, it is slimmer if you haul less stuff and you can pack it with a spare diaper and wipes if need be. i never use the shoulder strap though, I am more of a satchel girl. Photo attached for you. My SA at NM told me they are making it for fall with the mademoiselle lock, not sure what color though. Hoep you get one, i lvoe mine!
  10. Ohhh, the brown is beautiful!! :drool: That's it, I'm definitely getting one... though I don't want the MM lock, so I hope they release the brown cerf with the regular CC closure this fall!

  11. if I see one at my NM or Saks, I will let you know. you won't regret it. Plus I like that it can go over my shoulder if I am not wearing a coat. I have a few bags that I would sell if a better one came along, but THIS bag is definitely NOT of one of those!!! good luck!