any brands that seem to have gotten BETTER?

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  1. there's been so many threads about declining quality, I thought about starting one in the opposite direction :P

    I used to think of Fossil as an okay-blah brand, had one purse from their outlet years ago that I rarely used, and thought of them as "teens only".

    Recently I bought a few Fossil purses and have been really pleasantly surprised by their quality (relative to price), it seems to have gone UP actually compared to before:yes: nice stitching and details, durable leather and hardware. I was just reading the Coach legacy thread and somebody mentioned Coach doing some of Fossil manufacturing? maybe that's why.

    Do you see any other brands' quality getting better?
  2. I'll agree with Fossill and I think Dooney and Bourke leather is getting better also.
  3. I have to admit, Fossil leather has really surprised me lately. The quality really seems to have improved.
  4. I actually picked up some Liz Claiborne bags at Dillards to look at and I couldn't believe that they were Liz Claiborne bags. Their leather is really nice.
  5. ^^ITA on Liz Claiborne bags.

    I always bought their bags before I got into the designer spectrum of handbags. I still used them because of their durability, and I know that even after shoving all my stuff for school in it, it'll still look great.

    In the few items I have from them, Nine West seems to be getting better.
  6. Although J. Crew has gone downhill in some ways, I just bought two Shipley coats at the crazy sale ($70 each!!!!), and I was SO impressed by how lovely they are. The fabric and cut are wonderful, and there are great details like grosgrain ribbon trim where the lining meets the coat.

    Granted, J. Crew prices spiraled out of control. A few years ago that coat would have retailed for about $200--so the fact that they were trying to charge $350 was kind of ridiculous. However, when consumers fought back by saving their money and the coats went on sale, they became incredible bargains.
  7. Also, Miu Miu is a million times nicer than when it debuted.... remember those rubber-handled bags? Same problem with crazy prices increases, though, so I'm not sure if became a better value.
  8. I used to always think the Liz Claiborne's (may she R.I.P.) bags were really cheap and tacky(mainly because I always saw them in Ross). But recently I saw some bags from the Liz Claiborne Leather line and I have to say they have improved in quality and construction.
  9. it seems to me the more expensive bags quality is going down whereas some of the less expensive brands are going up :shrugs: banana republic bags are pretty nice too
  10. I just bought a gorgeous suede and leather hobo from Banana Republic. I'm surprised at how nice it is. I agree with the Fossil and Liz Claiborne comments 100%. Some of their newer stuff is nice (not the signature stuff, though)! Also, I just dug up an old Liz travel bag I've had for years and it still looks brand new and is actually cuter than I thought.

    Anyway, Aldo has started making some bags in real leather, though I can't really vouch for their quality.
  11. Coach and Juicy Couture. Both has always been really tacky and cheap looking in design, but I've noticed they've been improving bit by bit for a while now.
  12. I feel that Kenneth Cole has been doing somewhat better recently as well
  13. ita with both! I love Coach, but they never really used to make anything that I liked (not a signature fan). Now, I just drool over the bags, haha. And I love Juicy, I still really want a Daydreamer even though it is immature for me, but I LOVE their leather bags!! I saw them in Nordstrom, had no idea they were Juicy, and was pretty much petting one, lol. JC is definitely a line that has "grown up"
  14. ita with Liz Claibornne. The leather is smooshy and I get lots of compliments.

  15. True, although I miss the whimsy of early 2000s Miu Miu. I still carry those bags (none with rubber).