Any brand of bags you won't buy for sure...

  1. You are what you wear! We have beens sharing our most favourite bag - let's talk some different. Any brand of bags you won't buy for sure? Not because it is expensive, nor you haven't heard of it... simply their design can't catch your eyes....Let me start - Kooba, Fendi... Chanel...
  2. Chanel & LV.
  3. Fendi, Gucci, Chanel except the Cambon line, most LVs I wouldn't buy.
  4. LVs. yuck. sorry ladies.
  5. Louis Vuitton...never
    Chanel....probably never interest at all.
  6. Many I am indifferent about but I really hate LV. Mind you I didn't always hate it. I remember seeing the Speedy (I think it's called, the bowling bag one) in ELLE and thinking it was quite nice despite the fact that I hate brown.

    I liked the white with multicoloured monogram print.

    I think it's since they took off as the 'IT' thing (probably more than any other bag) and then in 2003 wandering around Europe being followed by guys selling fakes made me hate it.

    I just think they look rather tacky now. And there's many good fakes out there you can't pick what's real from afar so I assume they're all fake.
    I'm sure many authentic LV lovers would like to lynch me if they knew what I thought!

    Also I think many padded Chanel's look of poor quality. I know they're not but the stiff leather often looks like PVC to me. Saying that I still love my CC sunglasses!
  7. I can't get into LV or Fendi....and its not because I haven't tried!
  8. My taste it quite broad - there is usually something from most designers I like!:P
  9. coach

    the name puts me off , its so un-glamorous and the designs are bland imo
  10. • chanel cambon line (and what's with the pink bag? ewww)
    • juicy couture
    • dooney & burke
    • tod's (nothing against it, but i never liked this brand's bag)
    • coach
    • devi krolle

    ok, so far, that's all :P
  11. Not a fan of Coach, Burberry, Balenciaga, ANYTHING Juicy (not just bags). I would have said Prada but this season's collection is just GORGEOUS!!!
  12. I stick to Chanel and Hermes. I don't buy from any of the other designers, not because I 'hate' them but simply because I spend all my money at C/H!
  13. LV_addict , agree with prada! this season's is gorgeous!
    i hate the prada nylon bags
  14. juicy couture...nothing's interesting at all
    fendi...just so so
    coach...look colorful but not value for money
  15. Dooney & Burke - they come across as so childish.
    Tod's - I want to like this brand but nothing really catches my attention so far.
    Juicy Couture - again childish ---> there was one bag that I would consider from this line but they no longer make it and it wasnt directly recognizable as Juicy.
    Coach - I still love their accessories (and carrying the bags I currently have!!) but now that I have started buying higher end bags I no longer want to spend money on their bags. I would rather save up and get something else.