Any Brahmin lovers? Post here!

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  1. The Harpers are lovely, it reminds me of my Sloane satchel, I think the Harper is just a tiny bit more east west shape than the Sloane. And I love the pecan, that’s a Brahmin classic.
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  2. So pretty - love the green and the grommets.
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  3. I really want the opal color in any style bag. They are so hard to find. Ebay has some but the sellers more than doubled the price on them.
  4. On February 9th the boutiques are doing z special promotion. Donate $5 and get a percentage off new items. I haven't contacted my boutique but it might be 20% off. Currently there is an opal in the Evie. I'm not sure what else might be available. You can always call and check.
  5. Dillard’ has some,regular price but several styles. I saw the new Evie in the Opal, along with a few others. I have the duxbury so I wasn’t really taking note but I definitely remember seeing it in the Evie.
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  6. I looked on Dilliards we website and didn't see any Opal bags or wallets there. I didn't see the Evie there either.
  7. I've only seen the Evie in Opal on They don't have any other styles on the site right now. They could be sold out or removed them from the site due to low inventory.
  8. Aww, so sorry about that. I have to admit when I saw the opal online I wasn’t that taken with it. It really looks so much better in person. I hope you find your bag, Valkrie!
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  9. 9F5DD0E5-D8E4-4691-8A25-281B89C9C0E8.jpeg During the month of February Brahmin is donating 10% of the purchase price on select items to the American heart association. My beautiful new Kayla in petunia Melbourne was one of the items included. Way to go Brahmin!!
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  10. Gorgeous!

    The boutiques are also doing a special promotion today. Donate $5 to the American Heart Association and get drop 20% off an item. Also free shipping if you don't live near a boutique.
  11. Pretty!! Love the color.
  12. Thank you! I don’t believe there’s a Brahmin store anywhere in the state of Florida, which is probably good for me. Dillard’s gets enough of my money for them. I love the promotion they’re doing with the AHA this month.
  13. Brahmin has outlets in Orlando and West Palm Beach. Hope that helps.
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  14. Pics of the clearance items at the Brahmin Newport store. 40% off with $15 flat rate shipping if you're not near the store. Resized95201902159511574995245.jpg Resized95201902159511582395926.jpg Resized952019021595115836952561.jpg Resized952019021595115856953606.jpg Resized952019021595115906954745.jpg Resized_20190215_120000_7451.jpeg Resized952019021595115912954188.jpg Resized952019021595115921956286.jpg Resized952019021595115927959252.jpg Resized952019021595115953951187.jpg Resized952019021595115948954243.jpg
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  15. Nice! Thanks so much for the info and posting pictures!!
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