Any Brahmin lovers? Post here!

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  1. 2F9C4A74-1FF2-41D5-BA4B-F471BDD92485.jpeg I have been carrying this beauty the last two weeks. As much as I love her, it’s time next week to give another bag some attention. This is the bronze gatsby duxbury from a few years ago.
  2. Can anyone comment on the Schooner topsail in cognac - comes in black also? I managed to snag one at the Dillard's New Year's Day sale at a great price, have not carried Brahmin but I love the smooth leather and this bag looks so classy. Since this is a Brahmin thread, maybe some feedback? My issue is that I own a zillion bags, no need for others, but this might be a good way to try a Brahmin, I like the clean lines on the bag. Thank you!
  3. Brahmin is really know for their crocodile embossed leather. I don't own anything in the Topsail but this leather is new to Brahmin's line. I've heard from people who own it that it's easy to scratched and crease. If those things don't bother you than you should be fine. I'm not sure if the Brahmin leather conditioner can be used on this type of leather. Normally conditioning would help with scratches and creases. Sorry I'm not much help. Hopefully someone who owns a topsail piece will comment soon.
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    Thanks for the comments. It looks like it would be similar to Dooney's "Alto" line, easy to scratch but may get that worn "patina" over time? It's really a nice looking bag. I have far too many and should return it but I think I'm going to hold onto it. I know there is a huge fan base over the croc embossed and for whatever reason I'm more attracted to the smaller pieces... I have a beautiful wine wristlet that I love and a smaller bag with smooth leather and croc accents -- my sister in law is a big fan, with larger bags. This smooth leather on the other hand really attracts me! Would love to know experience with them, thank you again for sharing your comments, anything will help!

    EDIT: Just called Brahmin customer service to get their input. The very nice rep said it will indeed show more scratches than the croc since it's a smooth leather, but also that she has several of her own topsail bags, said she loves the feel of the leather and that it will soften as you use it.
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  5. Thanks for the update! Did the rep say you can use the Brahmin conditioner? I thought about it some more and I think my mother has a shoulder bag in topsail but hasn't used it. I agree it's probably like Dooney Alto. I've never seen an Alto in person but do have a Florentine Bristol satchel in Natural and that comes to mind too, as well as the Florentine Toscana.
  6. Forgot to ask about the conditioner but I would guess yes, it's smooth plain leather?
  7. As an FYI, the smooth leather is not new at all to Brahmin. It is very old school Brahmin. My first Brahmin was a schooner (older, larger style) in the smooth leather in a reddish-brown color in the early 1990s. The leather stays great and will get some scratches but that adds to the beauty!!!!
  8. Thanks... I found a very old Brahmin at a thrift store and that was my very first piece and it's largely smooth leather with a few croc accents. I'm keeping the bag, I have so few Brahmin pieces I thought I'd love to see how this bag does over time. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. 3054F03B-2E78-499F-AA77-7306032E029C.jpeg I don’t own any topsail pieces but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. I think they’re beautiful. This Priscilla in the black la scala print is my newest addition, along with the pouch/wristlet set. I’ve been going crazy with Brahmin lately and really need to get myself under control. We’ll see how that works out lol.
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  10. can someone help me with the name of this Brahmin bag?

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  11. This bag looks like the Ruby to me. You may want to search that and see how your bag compares.
  12. C8E771C4-F719-4F11-A154-5A076BAB8F0F.jpeg I had to brave eBay to get her, but my Brahmin emerald moa Priscilla is finally mine. This bag has haunted me for well over a year.
  13. Oh wow that bag is gorgeous!
  14. Thank you! I take really lousy pictures, she’s even prettier in real life.
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  15. My gosh this is a beautiful bag!!! I want a Priscilla so badly. My guy surprised me with a pecan Harper over the holidays. Its beautiful, but not a Priscilla [emoji53]