Any Brahmin lovers? Post here!

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  1. I know Dillards twice a year has a handbag trade-in event where you get 25% off a bag and Brahmin's are included. I know my Dillards just had this event a few weeks ago so I think the next one is in April or May. Dillards tends to have month end markdowns on Brahmin but rarely do any coupons apply to Brahmin. And this is in the store. The Dillards website doesn't seem to include any sale merchandise for Brahmin. It may be marked down at the store but the website will show full price! So best to be near a Dillards or Macy's!
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    Thank you so much!! No Dillards nearby. But Macy's sometimes has them on sale?

    I wonder if the Brahmin's own site ever does?
  3. Dillard’s is great, but I know they aren’t up north. When I move back to central NY in a few years I sure will miss them. Macy’s does have some they’ll occasionally mark down, but in my stores the Brahmin selection is very small. One thing I will most likely do when I move is try to find some stores on amazon that carry them and hope they run sales every now and then. Good luck. They are highly addicting. I’m so excited to be picking up my newest one tomorrow at my Dillard’s, the scarlet Priscilla. I’ll probably post pictures all over here and IG. Have patience with me LOL.
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    LOL - Thanks! And I will (try to) be extremely happy for you!! :smile: It sounds gorgeous!!
  5. Do you feel comfortable buying on eBay? If there is a particular style and color you are looking for it can be a great option.
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  6. I suggest that you contact Macys to discover the schedule for their 25% off everything sales (except, furniture and such is less % off). Also, consider contacting Von Maur in the cities. They're in Eden Prairie and a new store at Rosedale. I've noticed bags on unadvertised sales there. Good luck!
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  7. I don't look at their site too often but don't think they do or it is very limited. If you can make it out to their MA location, there is a tent sale every May I think. Oh, my.....the photos from the sale look many bags! I'd have to save for a year! I used to live a few hours from there but not sure when they started these tent sales. Now I'm at least 10-12 hours away so that isn't happening! I'm not THAT crazy!
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  8. 69C54A41-AC3B-4B13-A662-58DCF7944459.jpeg Introducing the scarlet Priscilla. My picture taking doesn’t do her justice, she is simply stunning irl. I am in love with this bag! And yes, she has the jewelry pocket I adore
  9. Hi - Yes, assuming the seller has a great track record! I will include that venue as I get more familiar with the line. Thanks!!
  10. WOW! That's definitely a winner!!
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  11. That must be quite an event! It'd be quite a journey for me to get to, from the MidWest. I watched part of a video somebody posted of it - it was a sea of stunning purses!
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    Hi - thanks for the great ideas!

    I called Macys yesterday who said they had some Brahmin marked down, but a VERY limited stock. I went over there and there were just 3 styles. I actually bought one, but I'm going to return it. Tho it's a "wristlet" it's so big, it'd just about break my wrist! It's too bad they didn't build it with a long strap option to wear as a crossbody, too - that would have been great.

    Thank you for the Von Maur recommendation - I'd never heard of it! I will try to work that in next weekend. Looks like they have a store just outside Milwaukee, too, and I'll be over that way at the end of this month. ;)
  13. She's gorgeous! [emoji7]
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  15. I love your Samba Sandrine Clutch!