Any Brahmin lovers? Post here!

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  1. This brand is pretty new to me. Anyone has bags from this brand before? How's the quality?
    brahmin.jpg brahmin1.jpg
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  2. I have 3 Brahmin bags that I purchased over 5 years ago. Quality is excellent. Made in the USA. :biggrin:

    I also have a wallet that I use everyday, and it is holding up exceptionally well.
  3. I also have a couple of Brahmin bags from several years ago. The quality is very good. I pulled one out of the closet last week to use for a change of pace. I saw same styles/colors as you posted at Nordstrom Rack this past week.
  4. thanks, Leah411 and Bjara! :smile: great to know the quality is good. saw these bags from the net and they look good.

    are there knock-offs or fakes for this brand? Feels alot safer to buy from internet stores if there are no such fakes lurking around
  5. I haven't seen any, but then again I haven't shopped for Brahmin in a few years.
  6. Those bags are cute. How much do they go for?
  7. I know this off topic, sorry, but what kind of purse is the one in your avatar? I love it.
  8. I have two bags in the moc croc. One in the Toasted Almond shade, and one in a darker brown. The Toasted Almond got badly scratched up (how I don't know), and the company fixed it for free. They're beautiful, and while I've seen plenty that were years old and still going strong, I don't think mine would hold up as well, and I'm not tough on bags.

    A poster said that they're made in the U.S., but they've shifted most of their production to China and kept the prices high. Some are still made here, but you have to make a point of looking for the "Made in the U.S.A." on the paper tag.

    You can see most of the line at
  9. I love the 2nd pink bag. I have a Brahmin purse, wallet, coin purse, etc and all are excellent quality. the wallet is my favorite becasue it is so big and can also hold a seperate checkbook with a photo, so it gets carried the most and really thrown around and still looks like new. I just don't think that they get the attention they deserve. Also the are made in the USA!
  10. I have 3 brahmin bags--I love them and consistently get compliments when I use one. Mine have held up very well, and they have many nice "extras" (such as pen holders, cell phone pockets and other inside zipped and open pockets) that I wish more designers took the time to include.
    They are based in the US (and I've heard that they are all designed by women), but the production is split between the US and China.
  11. You don't have to worry about Brahmin fakes. There are a lot of Brahmin on EBay and they seem to hold their value pretty well. Nordstrom sells them. Meier and Frank. As I mentioned previously, the Nordstrom Rack near me just had a bunch in spring colors. They didn't last long! I have a large tote and a small moc croc. They've been resting in my closet for some time now and I keep telling myself I should either use them (but the moc croc is really too small for me these days) or find them a new home where they will be used more. They're nice bags!
  12. They sell these on the home shopping networks all the time (HSN, QVC)
  13. HSN doesn't sell them, and QVC tried to for awhile, but they dropped the line.

  14. Hey everyone,

    New to this site, and the obsession of collecting handbags. I have, up until now, only pretty much purchased Coach handbags. I am just unwilling to cough up $1k plus for a handbag. Maybe in a few years when I am more financially stable, but not at the moment. I am also not a fan of the logo all over the bag. I prefer leather to canvas/ fabric and I don't mind a small logo, or the logo on the zipper, but not all over the bag. At that point, they should be paying me to advertise for them!

    I found this handbag on the Nordstroms site and I think it is very cute, but I have never heard of Brahmin handbags. Is this a good brand that will wear well and last a long time? I checked out their website, and they talk of Italian leather and cast brass hardware, but really, what are they going to say on their own official website "yeah, we make handbags, but they are kind of cruddy, so don't buy one"??

    Basically I am looking for opinions on the manufactured quality of the handbags. Oh and do you think this is a cute purse? It was retailing at $385, but it's 30% off, so down to $268.90, if anyone else is interested.

    I wish you well,

    Brahmin Prissy Leila 03.jpg
  15. Hi, well I don't know alot about the bags but I do have a Brahmin wallet that I use regularly. I love it & it is great quality.