Any BR codes out there???

  1. :woohoo:
  2. Not sure if it's still valid, but it's good for 20% off one item at Banana Republic. Code: SPRINGSHOP

    In case this is helpful, I keep a record of promo codes for my favorite online shopping sites on my website here (currently have codes for Revolve Clothing, Fashion Chateau, and Kitson to name a few).
  3. SPRINGSHOP i no longer working.
  4. Thx for letting me know! :smile:
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    Best I can find is free shipping, saves $6...this can be used only one time, so if you use post so.
  6. try SPECIALBR - 15% off $100 or more when you use gap, on, or br card. Expires in march.
  7. I heard that ACCESSORIES worked for 10% off, but I can't find it on the retailmenot site anymore.
  8. It seems that GAP asked them to remove their codes from that site. Too bad for us.