Any box fans out there??

  1. i'm really excited because i should be getting my first birkin soon -- 40cm black box with palladium ... i decided on that combo because i felt it was the most elegant and timeless... i know i'll love it!!!

    anyhow, i'm just wondering-- are there any other fans of box calf out there? i see a lot of togo/clemence/etc out there!!! post your box bags!! :yahoo:

    :heart: ...
  2. Woohoo!!! Big box fan right here!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. another box fan waving~~~
  4. Me three! CONGRATULATIONS on your Box Birkin 40!
  5. Wow, that sounds gorgeous! I would love to own anything in Box someday too!!! Can't wait to see your pics
  6. Yee-HA! Add a fourth! I'll take almost ANYTHING in BOX, Baby........
  7. i am i am!! waiting to receive my box birkin in the mail tomorrow or tues!!
  8. Whoa, Peanut!!!!! Please share when she comes, ok? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Box!!!!!!
  9. Hi, same here, can never get enough of Box :P:P
    Black box 40 with Pall MUST BE GORGEOUS ! :heart:
  10. Another box fan here! But, so far, I only have a black box mini Kelly and an indigo box mini Kelly. I hope to have a larger box bag some time in the future!
  11. Me too! Me too!!!
  12. Another big box fan here.
    Aaaaand owner of a birkin 40cm in black box with gold HW:supacool:
  13. Me Me Me!
  14. oh shopmom!! u know i will!!!! :graucho: :graucho: she's a 35cm choc box with potiron piping and lining w/PH. (btw: love ur new kelly!)
  15. Me three? four? 10?:nuts:

    I love my one and only BOX Kelly, too!:heart:

    Congrats, on your soon to be here Birkin!!:yahoo:
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