any boutique sightings of the Wave Boston Bag in Green Guccissima Leather???

  1. Is this bag from last season, or has anyone seen it lately in a U.S. Gucci boutique?

    I love this bag, and it is available on Bluefly, but I am extremely reluctant to buy from them because of some authenticity issues that have been raised in this forum...So I'd rather get it from a boutique, if that's still possible.

    (When I searched, I saw that a PFer bought one of these bags on sale in Canada in the past month or so.)

    Bluefly - Designer Brands (Prada, Fendi, Gucci & more) at Discount Prices - #2048671 - Gucci forest guccissima 'Wave' boston bag

  2. I own and love it...mine is from Holt Renfrew and it is a 2005 Boston...I get compliments on it all the time...If you need help with authenticity contact me..look at my pics under New Boston from a few weeks much is it retailing for right better not be less than 1400.00 or I will flip

  3. If you want more pics and serial numbers etc I can help...I love this bag it is my most gorgeous Gucci and the colour is so is my most complimented bag is high you think it is a tad flashy??? love it to bits...:yahoo:
  4. ^^Hi Gucci Gal: Yes, I had previously seen the pics that you posted of your bag. It is gorgeous!!! Congrats. (Tell me, is the color above accurate? I'm looking for a deeper forest green, as opposed to teal.)

    The bag is currently selling for $1,356.00 on Bluefly. If I end up going that route, I appreciate your offer to help with authenticity. Thanks.
  5. Actually it is considered forest green and is darker in person. When I took pics of mine I was suprised that it looked lighter whereas in person it is darker. Forest green goes with everything, it is definitely not teal. I personally love the bag and wear it every day. My other bags are totally neglected now. The bag is stunning in person. I am not familiar with Bluefly but, did click on your link and was happy to see my bag on the cover page...stunning bag. Good luck and let me know what you decide.
  6. ^^You don't have to convince me Gucci Gal, because I already agree that it's a fabulous bag. Green is one of my favorite colors, and I've had several green bags over the years, but this one looks perfect!!! I am so glad to hear its a deeper forest green, too.

    Again, my only hesitation is ordering from Bluefly. If your bag says "2005," perhaps I am right that the Green was from last season, and Bluefly may be the only way to still get it. (I have seen the Wave Boston Bag in other colors in the boutiques currently, but not Green...And it is not currently available on in Green.)
  7. cosmopolitan - sometimes if they don't sell the bag during the sale period, the bag will either be shipped off to an outlet, or sometimes, the store just keeps the bag in the back!

    I'm not sure if you're close to any Gucci stores, but you could go and ask. The SA may be able to help you run a search to see if there are any left in the country. You may not be able to get a discount going this route tho. But at least you'll know 100% for sure it's authentic!
  8. ^^ Thanks jadecee, there is a Gucci boutique in D.C., and maybe I'll get lucky and they can find one for me.

    I'd rather be sure its authentic than get a discount, frankly. I just have this fear about buying bags from anywhere but a boutique or big dept. store like Saks, Neimans, etc...
  9. Me too! I wish I could be more brave and less conservative like tons of PFers who are very e-Bay savvy! lol... I even only just buy from actual stores because I don't want to buy a bag online (even if from NM, Saks, etc.) because I like to see things before I buy them... Because of this... I miss out on so many deals and great things, but I figure.. I'm finding things to buy no problem even without an online option! haha... I have enough things I'm trying to resist buying already! :yes:
  10. I saw this bag at the Charleston, SC store but it was in Chocolate. They may have had it in green, I just don't remember seeing it. I was so interested in the Chocolate Guccissima that it's all I looked at. You could call Shelby Tant, Sales Supervisor and ask her.
  11. My SA told me it was from last season that is why it is not on the gucci website in forest green. Holt's marked it down a tad and I scooped it up. You can get this seasons in chocholate brown, black and patent. I love colour and especially green, it stands out. Brown and black are nice too but, I already have handbags in those colours. I wonder why they didn't put the forest green in this years collection it is fabulous. You can also see the green boston on the bag,borrow or steal website. I only buy at reputable shops in person because of a bad ebay experience. Also I am not familiar with bluefly. Good luck you will love the bag!!!!
  12. I think I saw this bag in green in Holt Renfrew, Vancouver, canada on Tuesday in the Gucci Sales section. You may want to call them up and ask about it..

  13. How much was it on sale for??? Thanks
  14. This discount off of this bag is small because it is so gorgeous and the boston is a good seller.
  15. I would definitely try asking your Gucci SA to check the system for one. I'm pretty sure that's what another PFer did to find her black guccissima boston wave bag - and they found it for her!

    Good luck finding the bag Cosmopolitan - it's gorgeous!!!!!!!