Any boutique in Europe or US does International shipping to Singapore?

  1. Keen on getting something, as Miu Miu prices in Singapore sucks!

  2. I'm going to order something from flannelsfashion soon.
    Let me know if you dont mind sharing shipping.
  3. Nothing I like leh
  4. What do you want to buy? :smile:
  5. Peonia mini bow or long metallase button wallet
  6. Net-a-porter does international shipping to Singapore. Prices in KL are not better (almost twice as much as in Germany).
  7. If u hv friends gg Korea or hk, u can ask them to help u out. Prices there r lower than sgp.
  8. mytheresa does intl shipping. prices are great too!
  9. I think all Miu Miu stores ship internationally to Singapore. My friend just got a wallet shipped to Tokyo. So I don't see why not.
  10. MiuGirl,

    Which store your fren ordered from? Any contacts?
  11. would like to know too!!
    I've been looking for a few pairs of shoes... no online stores carry them...
  12. Enquired before and sadly, was told "not possible to ship Singapore". If can, Miu Miu Singapore will kick a fuss for sure. There's probably some control on this.
  13. My friend got it done, and I believe I just referred another TPF member on here who got international shipping from one of the boutiques as well! PM me for more info..
  14. Is that shipping to US?