Any Botkier Experts out there?

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  1. Hi all. I need some help on a trigger! (My knowledge lies in Kooba, not Botkier!) I've been watching this trigger on eBay for 3-4 weeks now. They keep relisting it at the same price and it never gets a bid. Is this bag a fake? I love, love, love it, and have made the seller 2 offers, which they have refused. I can't figure out why it hasn't had a bid, unless it's a bad fake and I don't know it! Any help/input would be appreciated. TIA
  2. Looks authentic to me. Although I haven't seen that colour irl. I have the lighter/tan coloured trigger. It's a great bag. The size is great, and inner compartments very useful. My only issue has been w/ the narrow straps, which seem to be getting worn quickly. Just so you know, botkier will repair your bag for a fee. I haven't sent mine in yet though. hth!

  3. I think probably the starting bid is too high. Especially for a bag that looks well worn. Strange that they'd keep relisting it at the same price. I think it looks real but it does look like it's seen a lot of use.
  4. Thanks. I'll wait for it to end yet again and make them another offer.
  5. I agree the price is too high for a used bag. $250-350 is what they have been selling for brand new on eBay; not used. The used ones typically are $200 and less for the trigger.

    This bag is probably 2-4 years old. If I remember right Botkier only made the dark brown with brass combination one season. If you go to the botkier website and look at the past season bags you can see which one it was since this bag (with the brass hardware) is one of the ones shown. Other seasons Botkier used gold and silver hardware.
  6. I agree the price is too high. I bought my brand new for $320 at active endeavors during a sale.