Any books about Hermes?

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  1. Recently i became completely obsessed with anything Hermes, and am curious if there are any books out there about them. I'm interested in the history, not a catalog of what they have.

    Any suggestions? :wondering
  2. There are several coffe table books about Hermes that I've seen. Lots of company history and fabulous photos.

    Unfortunately, I don't remember any titles but I'm sure the larger boutiques carry some.
  3. The latest and best is by Dana Thomas, entitled Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster. It has a great section on Hermes including how a bag is made and how the company has grown over the years.

    You may also enjoy The Perfect Scent by Chandler Burr which chronicles the development of the Hermes fragrance Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by the new in house nose Jean-Claude Ellena.
  4. By the company itself: La Selle Hermes, La Beaute de Voyage, and Les Vitrines Hermes. Les Vitrines is my favorite because it is a book on the different windows at 24F by Leila Menchari. It is great eye candy and shows one of a kind bags that are designed strictly for the windows. La Beaute is about its travel bags. La Selle is about its saddles, some also designed specifically for the windows at 24F and not for sale to the public. It is also a historical account of the company.
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  5. HG-THANK YOU so much on your tip of the Vitrines, I love the windows. Now I just need to hunt the book down.

    There is also the anime book which has H on it, don´t remember the name though.
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  6. hg, I'd love to see scans from that book. :smile:
  7. I looked a couple of months ago and the Vitrines book is out of print - best place to look would be the second hand book shops in Paris - any excuse to go to Paris!
  8. Whoops - should have thought about Fnac - I can spend hours in their shops. Difficult to spend in excess of £50 on a book I haven't leafed through. I imagine the book has the same high production values as we are used to but I can't be sure from the fnac listing. Thanks for the heads up evekitti!
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  9. I almost clicked the Order button, but I decided I would rather spend the money on 1/4 of a scarf at Hermes :lol:
  10. Thanks everyone. I've already ordered "How luxury lost its luster". :wlae:

    "Les Vitrines" is just too expensive, and it doesn't appear to be in English.
    HG, do you have any scans of the book?

    Nola, there's an anime book on H? :drool:
  11. ^^I don't have any scans, but it did come in English one time and you won't be disappointed in that book. I promise you that. Give the King of Prussia store a call. They have quite a collection of books. Also, see if your SA can do a search. Push comes to shove, it does pop up on ebay once in a while.
  12. Here's a few pics from La Selle Hermes. This book is almost impossible to get nowadays. I helped someone get a copy recently but we had been searching for over a year. Someone else I heard was searching for years. I was fortunate, I made a bet with my SA in the equestrian department that I would find it faster than he would. I lost. Fortunately, he was able to get me the last decent copy of the leatherbound version of the book. You may still see the book in stores, but it won't be for sale.
  13. You're the best HG!

    I want that book!!!

  14. I know this thread was asking for books, but I just wanted to say that the depth and breadth of info on H that can be found in this forum is astonishing. Happy trawling! (Too bad we can't convert HG's entire H knowledge to written form! TOMES!!!)