Any bodybuilders here??

  1. I am interested to see how many PFers are bodybuilders, if any.. and I needed someone to just put me on the right path in achieving my dream body.

    I was hoping to get myself down to ATLEAST 18% body fat. So I needed suggestions on diet, supplements, and workout routines.

    TIA :smile:
  2. i dont think its really a good look for women. my SO is a body builder.
  3. I don't particularly find it attractive either. Are you simply wanting 18% bf? Cause you achieve that without actually bulking up.
  4. Yeah somewhere around 18%. I want to actually be cut up. I am 108lbs and 5'4" right now. so I am not too worried about bulking up or anything. I just want to be lean and have nice cuts. I just figured it would be best to get advice from someone who is bodybuilding bc they are more strict with their diets when they first start out.

    the bodybuilding forum is great i agree. Just a little hard to find what I need to because I fee like their articles are so all over the place.

    Thanks though!!
  5. A friend of mine did bodybuilding years ago. She did the competitions and everything. From the way she described it, it seemed like her second home was the gym. Also, she really focused on her diet and ate nothing but healthy things. I personally find the look of bodybuilder, both men and women, a bit unattractive. Anyone looks great toned, but the physique of a bodybuilder is something I never was allured to.
  6. Well, bobybuilders have to bee EXTREMELY committed to it. Like, gym twice a day, VERY strict diets...etc etc.
    I'd focus more on fitness than building. Look into fitness competitions and see if that's the look you want. They mostly focus on higher reps, good diet (but not super strict) for a more lean, yet defined look.
  7. I'm an aspiring bodybuilder and a member of :biggrin:

    ( and FYI lots of women are muscular wiouth being big or bulky ;) )

    even bodybuilders aspire to different physiques you have fitnessmodels:


    figure competitor:


    lightweight bodybuilder

    heavyweight bodybuilder
  8. normally people who train 2x per say have a specific aim, e.g fat loss or competition prep. Diets are strict but yeah, that goes with the territory. It's not as austere as people make it out to be. :nogood:
  9. pm me if you want some pointers on where to start looking on
  10. Well, I don't think it's that hard to get down to 18% bf. You don't have to be as hardcore as she might think, but bodybuilding is different. If you want to get to the last pic, it's gonna take some major dedication. models FTW!!
  11. Here are some pictures found on bodybuilding transformations that I wanted my body to be like..



    Since I am 108lbs at 5"4, I started taking 1 scoop of whey protein 15 mins after my workout everyday. I needed some advice on how to build my muscles up a little more.

    Are supplements/powders harmful for women? With all the testosterone? Also any suggestions on what I could do for my workouts? like a sample workout or something?

    Thanks very much!!!
  12. the pictures above (4 pics) :tdown::push: that does not look attractive and with the first pic she has no fat which makes her breast implants look well even more fake...
  13. Now that is a nice toned womanly body!! :yes:
  14. All those models look a bit odd to me. I can't quite put my finger on it...