Any body shots with white MC Speedy?

  1. Hi girls,

    The white MC speedy is a drool bag of mine at the moment. I'm wondering if anyone can post some photos of you carrying your bags. I've looked through the whole MC Club thread but there aren't any with you carrying your bags. Don't be shy! I would like get an idea how it would like. I am 5'2" and have both the mono and damier speedy 25. I'm not sure if the 30 will look too big.
    Thanks alot!!

  2. This is from TPf picture (Rebecca I think? ) in the Visual Aid Forum. Check thE Visual aid forum for more pictures. I think she is also 5'2".

  3. thanks alot!!!! that's great!! didn't even think about going to visual aids thread! doh!
  4. he he- when i read this, i was like- who would do a body shot with their lv??? (thinking you are pouring shots of alcohol on your lv and into your mouth). the photos make much more sense. :smile:
  5. I don't have any body shots of myself with my white mc speedy, but I can assure you that it doesn't look too big on me and I'm about 5'3 and quite petite. I had my doubts too in the beginning, but as soon as I tried it on at the LV boutique they were all gone and all the SA's also agreed that it looked just fine. It is a very flashy bag and you'll definitely get loads of stares and compliments! I love mine more and more everyday, but I hardly take her out because she's so flashy and I'm also afraid of getting her dirty...I really should though, but right now it's raining so she'll have to wait! :P
  6. hahahaha - that's so cute! You have my on the floor laughing! :lol:

    evilsuimai - confession -> I think I'm gonna get the white mc speedy 30 before the manhattan pm! :yes:
  7. Lol yup I'm Rebecca and I'm 5'2 (thanks Puteri!). I think I had one of my mom holding her black one also. I'll see if I can find that :smile:
  8. I'm 5'2... hope these help!

    White MC Speedy

    Cerises Speedy 25

    Monogram Speedy 30
  9. jadacee!!! that's awesome!! ....both are such beautiful bags...i say go big or go home, or in this case, go bigger! i :heart: the mc speedy! the only thing holding me back on getting it now is my guilt, my DH spoiled with 3 bags in the last 3 months! but hey, no harm in doing homework! LOL

    luvbabydoll: nice bag! great picture!! that'll be cool if you can find the pic of your mom holding hers!

    baby&melovelv: lol, i knew that "bodyshots" would cause some confusion! I know I would NEVER do it on my LVs! if it was even possible! hahah
  10. Thanks alot Heather!! Those are great photos!! Looks great on you! makes me want the MC speedy more!