Any body have Vernis CHRISTIE GM?

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  1. :girlsigh:[​IMG]

    How do you like it? I'm looking for a bag which I can use when I travel in some cities. Is vernis easy to take care of ? I've never bought a vernice item yet.
    Is there any other cross-body bag that you would recommend? How about the multicolore Sologne?
    Which one is better? TIA!
  2. I actually saw this in bronze on a lady a few days ago I always thought it was a petite bag but it's a good size it's a nice bag

    Vernis is not that hard to care for IMO
  3. Thank you, Label Addict! There is a bronze one on eBay too, I love it, but the condition is not as good. I think it's a good size for me..I'm extremely petite:p:p:p
  4. I'd say it is about the size of sologne maybe a little larger but just a little it's prob what the sologne is based on. I've seen the bronze on eBay quite often the silver if definately rarer
  5. wow, this one is cute too...which one is better?
  6. personally I prefer Christine, but there's no vachetta on CDF so it's a little more care free
  7. Yes, that's what I'm thinking...I heard there's color transfer problem with vernis, is it easier to get color transfered for a messenger bag?
  8. it could be easy, dark coloured denim is one of the worst offenders because it'd be rubbing as you walk
  9. It must be a heart broken experience to ruin such a beauty...:crybaby::crybaby:
  10. I love this bag, the bronze and silver are amazing colours. Have you saw the smaller version but under a different name ??
  11. Which one is it? I'm totally a newbie to vernis....Is the small one very similar to the bag in your logo? :smile:
  12. Oh Gosh I cant find a pic, ive tried google and eBay. I think its called the christine PM, its a very small version of your bag :smile:
  13. OH i love this bag.
  14. Wow... this bag is so cute!

  15. It looks like a great travel bag!