Any Boden shoppers?

  1. I buy the kids clothes there all the time but haven't tried any women's clothing. If you have bought from them, have you been pleased? How is the quality (is it worth the price)? How about the sizing/fit? Im interested in the tops, shoes etc...not pants b/c those are too hard for me to buy online, and I never wear dresses lol
  2. I recently got their catalogue and couldn't believe how expensive their stuff was! I've seen some of their clothing in real life and the quality didn't look that great considering what they charge and being Far East manufacture
  3. I get their catalogs all the time, but I've never ordered from them. I may be wrong, but it seemed to me everything was shipped from England so the postage to the US wouldn't be worth it to me.
  4. I have a demin dress from them, and shipping is usually free but I pay tax because they must have an office in FL.

    I really like the dress and I waited for it to go on sale. I think it is really well made.
  5. I've bought a few things but only on sale. Just couldn't justify buying it full price. It's cute and nice but not enough so to justify paying full price!
  6. I used to buy a lot of things from Boden , but they seem to roll out the same old stuff season after season in slightly different colours . Boring.
  7. I had been looking for a pair of comfy true bootcut jeans (18" leg opening) in bright white, with no contrast stitching, tags/logos, pocket decoration, etc... It wasn't as easy as you might think. I finally found them at Boden this season...Sassy Jeans. I also picked up some bootcut cords last fall. I'm not too interested in the tops or accessories, though.
  8. I bought a wool coat for work from there because i had a discount a couple of years ago. I still wear the coat. It isnt bobbley and has lasted well.
  9. I have bought my son several things but never anything for me.
  10. I have bought a few bits from there in the past and recently purchased a sweater from the new seasons collection. They are quite expensive, but you can usually find a discount code or two, for example for 10% off and free postage and returns. I think that the quality is pretty good tbh. Some of the stuff I wouldnt touch with a barge pole as I think its for people a bit older than me, but for good quality basics in bright colours, its great.