Any Bluefly 15% coupons around???

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  1. Does anyone have a 15% coupon for Bluefly, I'm really in need of new handbag....:crybaby:
  2. 15% off purchase of $150 or more

    Use code: AEPC30 (must use American Express card)
  3. I just got a missed you email, code: MISSEDYOU106
  4. Thanks you all, I used the good ones already for previous orders... but 10% off is pretty good still. Here I come Gucci!!
  5. Also if you go to or, you can usually get either a 10% off "click-through" banner or a $15 off $100 or more" click-through banner.
  6. Thanks for the "MISSEDYOU106" coupon code...I just saved $20!
  7. 10% off new arrivals today (23-Jan-07)
  8. MISSEDYOU107 is the new 15% off everything

  9. Woo hoo!! Thanks! I just got a pair of Vicini sneakers that are adorable and used this code. :yahoo:

    I just hope they fit!:push:
  10. Thanks for the MISSYOU codes. I used them as well. I just got some new leather gloves. Its gotten so cold out :crybaby:
  11. MISSEDYOU108 is the new 15% off code
  12. Thanks for the code! It will help me on my Prada boots.:yahoo:
  13. Thanks for MISSEDYOU108 -- I used it! I saw on another thread that MISSEDYOU110 is the new thing if you already used 108... It expires on Feb 17th or thereabouts. Meanwhile, thanks for the Visa codes too...I'm on a total Bluefly dress spree (lots of cute BCBG and DVF on there right now, woo hoo!)