any Blueberries left??

  1. I love the color Blueberry but it is so hard to find!! (I'd really love a Blueberry Day or Money). Can anyone tell me if they've seen it anywhere? (I'd like to buy new, not used).

  2. moving to shopping- and it's been a long while since I have seen a 'leftover' Blueberry :sad:
  3. there is one in eBay
  4. There is a blueberry make-up at BalNY as of the last week of Christmas. :smile:
  5. thanks ladies for all your help! it's too bad the blueberry on eBay's gone. :sad: hopefully i'll get lucky and find one elsewhere. thanks again!
  6. Saks in New Orleans or Naples (sorry dont remember which one) said they had a blue color from the way they described it - I thought it may be blueberry. you can give it a try.
  7. Real Deal Collection has a Blueberry bowling. I've been looking at it for a while but had to get myself a Brief
  8. There's a blueberry work on eBay now!
  9. super cute!! i hope you find one you are looking for!
  10. Thanks for posting. I saw that, but decided after reading all those stories, that I'd rather not buy off of *bay. There was a blueberry day a while back on RDC. Hopefully they'll have another blueberry sometime in the future.