Any blue that won't fade ???

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  1. Hi Ladies please help me!!.
    I really really WANT a blue city but the more I read about color fading the more I get worried. I cannot live with a yellow blue bag. So here is the question: Any of you have blue bags for a while and it still looks good ? What year and what blue is it ?
    Many thanks for your help !!!
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    Dark navy colors will show less color softening and probably won't show yellowing. I think all blues can be used without significant fading or yellowing, but you have to prevent them from baking in the sun and a leather protector spray like Apple Garde can help shield the leather from oxygen and UV rays.

    Balenciaga leather is designed to change over time for a vintage-crafted look and feel. It's almost the polar opposite to cookie-cutter brand bags that all look alike, each Balenciaga is an individual and will develop more unique character over time. I sometimes get the exact same bag back in my shop from a totally different consignor (even years later) and can tell, "I've seen this one before" and find markings that prove it ;o)

    The early bags (F/W '01- S/S '05) were dyed differently and it appears the leather received more saturation within the individual hides before they were making more and more of the bags. If you are thinking about a current bag then I would recommend going darker.

    Sometimes the color shift from age (yellow tones added) is actually even nicer than the original color in my opinion. I hated '05 Ice Blue, but when it's been used gently (not all dirty and grimy) the color becomes more aqua-green blue and I love that shade ;o)

    Good luck!
  3. I have a tempete city from 2009. My husband gave it to me for Christmas so I have been carrying it for about two months. The color has been stable so far; not sure if I have had it long enough to count though. . .

    I took a picture of it by the pool so that you can see the blue shade in the sun.

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  4. Thank you for your response. I think Marine or Navy is what I should look for. I really love the electric blue but I think darker is the right choice for finicky me.

    P.S. I love your store.
  5. Your tempete is beautiful !!! I think I need more blue though.
    Thanks for the picture.
  6. I have the 10 Outremer, 09 Tempete and 07 French Blue and none if them has faded. Of course the first two are very new so I haven't used them that much. But the FB has not faded or show any yellow tones. I have many bags so I rotate and never "abuse" them but still, have to say that the FB is holding up pretty well;)
  7. I would suggest Officier ... plus is simply stunning ;)
  8. purses & pugs: I do :heart::heart::heart: french Blue but I think its almost impossible to find a not faded one in ebay.

    Livia: Thanks for putting more blue in the mix. Officier is something I need to consider. Need to revisit the pics in the forum.
  9. I have Maldives and EB and the color on those hasn't faded at all. My sky blue has yellowed a little bit, though.
  10. I have a Blueberry that still looks totally new, very rich and saturated color with no fading whatsoever.
  11. i have a french blue,electric blue and sky blue no signs of fading at all.hope you find the best blue you want.
  12. 07 Anthracite which is beautiful
  13. i have an ocean from 07 that is still saturated and gorgeous. i baby it though - always keep it in its dust bag, etc. i think if you just take care of your future blue bag (whichever shade you choose) you'll be fine with virtual to no fading :yes:
  14. Ditto. My Blueberry hasn't faded either (so far).
  15. My old Electric Blue and Officier have never faded, despite being carried every second day (I rotated using them) for an entire Aussie summer (intense sunshine here, and very dry summers).

    Both leathers are still supple. I maintain the softness every so often with a bit of Apple Guard.

    My Sky Blue has faded slightly and some light tinges of yellow have come through. However I have to say, like Corey from RealDealCollection observes, it has taken on a slightly aqua tone, and to my eyes, looks nicer than the original hard blue when I first purchased it.