Any BLUE OUTDOOR LARGE HOBO left on sale???

  1. I have made my decision to get the blue outdoor hobo.. there is one on eBay.. but i would love to purchase from the store.

    Has anyone seen the blue (or brown.. preferably blue) outdoor hobo at any Saks and nm lately?? please give me their SA contacT~!!!!

    also.. what was the cheapest price you have seen and what was the retail price??? thanks!!! i am going to woodbury monday to see if any unsold sales item has passed on to the outlet.. will report then as well.. HOPE THEY WILL HAVE ONE even though they never have anything good.
  2. can someone please help me?!??! i am on a mission to stalk this bag.. gonna start calling tomorrow morning!! lol
  3. i got mine for 600$ ferom sks the day after christmas. when i called around they had no blue or brown just the black.
  4. id say you start calling the stores- or use one of the fab sa's on here to have them do a stock search....
    theres damien at saks, stephanie at Neimans, lisa hamlin at neimans..
    chanel boy at Nordies...etc...
  5. i just called a bunch of people and NO ONE HAS ANY LEFT!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. lol.. someone snatched the brown outdoor already!! lol